CANARIE announce MOXY Open Exhange

CANARIE today announced the MOXY open exhange in Montreal, the first open exchange for reaseach and education in Canada. MOXY represents an important step in trans-Atlantic and global networking, providing a new landing point for trans-Atlantic circuits and connectivity to the CANARIE network, offering resilience for R&E networks connecting to North America.  

For the ANA-300 collaboration for trans-Atlantic R&E connectivity, MOXY offers a third landing point in North America, and direct connections to resources in Canada for European research and education.  NORDUnet is proud to hve been working with CANARIE on global connectivity for many years, and we see MOXY as an important next step in our relationship.  Together with our partners in ANA-300, we look forward to making use of MOXY as a key building block in trans-Atlantic R&E networking, and as a stepping-stone to North America for Nordic research and education.  

For more information, see the full announcement at the CANARIE site.