Erik-Jan Bos taking the stage at TNC16

Programme Committee chair of TNC2016, NORDUnet Strategy & Policy Officer, Erik-Jan Bos took the stage during the Monday opening plenary of the conference to welcome the 600+ participants. In his welcome he explained this year's conference theme, "Building the Internet of People" being chosen because it is the human network that makes the technology all tick, and because the human network is what enables the NRENs to be NRENs.

Erik-Jan also introduced the conference programme, gathering a wide range of presentations, keynotes and debates under the conference theme ”Building the Internet of People”. Erik-Jan himself is contributing by chairing sessions focusing on ”NRENs high level strategy” and ”Global Network Architecture”. Furthermore, he’ll take the stage again for the closing remarks on the final Wednesday plenary.

Read more about Erik-Jan's schedule @TNC16 here