FUNET deploys 100Gbps network

Finnish NREN FUNET became the first Nordic network to connect to NORDUnet at 100 Gbps on Monday 19 January 2015.

This is the first connection based on the new 100GE technology being deployed by FUNET.  The connection is FUNET's international connection from Helsinki to the NORDUnet. FUNET is the first Nordic national research and education network having 100 Gbit/s connectivity to international research networks and the public internet via NORDUnet. The new connection has five times the capacity of the old connection it replaced. The substantially increased network capacity makes it possible to transfer ever-larger data sets, more flexibly and with greater cost-effectiveness. The connection allows a full set of MPLS-based services for shared IP and connection-oriented network services.

FUNET's 100 Gbps network capacity upgrades will continue later this year and during the following years.