GÉANT Association Elects 1st Board

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On 11 December 2014, the GÉANT Association Assembly met in Zagreb for it's first meeting since forming the GÉANT Association in Berlin in October. As part of the meeting the GÉANT Association elected it's first board of directors.  The Assembly elected a board chair, two external (non-NREN) board members, and six NREN representatives for the board.  Furthermore, in order to have future rotation of board members, these first time board members were elected for one, two, and three year terms, respectively.

The members of the new board:

  • Pierre Bruyère - Chair (elected for a 2-year-term)
  • David Foster (External representative, CERN) (elected for a 3-year-term)
  • Dorte Olesen (External representative, Danish Technical University) (elected for a 3-year-term)
  • Christian Grimm (DFN) (elected for a 3-year-term)
  • Ivan Marić​ (CARNET) (elected for a 2-year-term)
  • Sabine Jaume-Rajaonia (RENATER) (elected for a 2-year-term)
  • Erwin Bleumink (SURFnet) (elected for a 1-year-term)
  • Marko Bona​č (ARNES) (elected for a 1-year-term)
  • Alberto Pérez (RedIRIS) ((elected for a 1-year-term)