Meet the future NRENS at the NORDUnet conference 2012

The NORDUnet conference 2012 opened today in Oslo, Norway with about 200 participants from the international networking community, especially the Nordic NRENs and universities. 
The conference was opened by Petter Kongshaug, chairman of the NORDUnet board and CEO at UNINETT. 
Last time UNINETT was hosting the NORDUnet conference it marked the opening of the sea cable between mainland Norway and Svalbard. This year the conference marked the commissioning of 100 gigabit connection between Trondheim and Oslo.
Afterwards the local host, Deputy CEO Torbjørn Eeg Larsen from University of Oslo and Akershus presented the university network and ICT strategy. Followed by a presentation from Roshene McCool on the network requirements from the largest radio telescope in the world – the Square Kilometer Array.
The opening session ended with CEO Rene Buch, NORDUnet presenting the challenging facing the NRENs toward 2020, and an idea of how this will affect the way the NRENs look by then.
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