Merger of data storage, processing power and network connections to strengthen Danish research

Danish Center for Scientific Computing (DCSC) and the Danish research network Forskningsnettet has merged into Danish e?infrastructure Cooperation (DeIC). This has been done in order to strengthen the Danish effort in the e?science area, and thereby ensuring Danish research prominence internationally.

In all areas of modern research there is a need to collect, process and calculate data. An essential prerequisite when supporting this kind of research, – “e-science” is networking, computers and data storage capacity.

The merger of DCSC (responsible for the provision of computing and data storage for Danish research groups) and Forskningsnettet (delivering high?capacity Internet connections to universities and research institutions) will establish an organization with the necessary technology and capabilities needed to ensure the e?infrastructure to support Danish e?science in the future.
In addition to continuing existing services from the two organizations, DeIC will initiate and develop new services to enhance the use of e?science in Denmark. DeIC will be responsible for ensuring that Danish research continues to have access to an e?infrastructure that meets the highest international standards.

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