More Nordic talks at TNC17

Four Norwegian speakers contributed with their insights on the second day of TNC17.

In his Lightning Talk, Fredrik Strupe from Norwegian UNINETT made a case for cheap and fairly easy monitoring of  Wifi solutions. As more and more people rely on wifi for internet connectivity there is an increasing need for detection of wifi-related issues.

Hence, UNINETT has developed a solution based on cheap Raspberry Pi's, open source software, and simple wifi adapters. UNINETT has already implemented the technology and it is accessible for system administrators at local universities etc.

During the Cloud on the Ground session Kristin Selvaag and Ole-Jon Lund from UNINETT presented the Norwegian cloud initiative UH-Sky, aiming to establish a national cloud solution for higher education. In the same session, Lars Fuglevaag, UNINETT, gave an overview over a Pan-European tender for IaaS services, conducted by 36 NRENs and allowing 10.000 research and education institutions access to a range of services provided by 23 different vendors.

Lars Fuglevaag continued to be centre stage at the following Cloud Café. Together with Mandeep Saini and Andres Steijaert he chaired a two-hour informal discussion about adoption of cloud services in the research and education sector.