New GÉANT Board elected

The General Assembly of the GÉANT Association today elected a new Board of Directors. 

Elected as chair was Christian Grimm, DFN (for 3 years).

For the five board vacancies, elected were (in order of decreasing number of votes):

  • Erik Huizer, SURFnet (3 years)
  • Valter Nordh, NORDUnet (3 years)
  • Marko Bonac, ARNES (2 years)
  • Raimundas Tuminauskas, LITNET (2 years)
  • Alberto Pérez Goméz, RedIRIS (1 year)

Continuing members of the board of directors are

  • Sabine Jaume-Rajaonia (RENATER)
  • Ivan Maric (CARNET)
  • Dorte Olsen (Danish Technical University)

NORDUnet is pleased with the composition of the new board of directors and looks forward to the board giving strong support to the vision and mission of GÉANT CEO Steve Cotter.  NORDUnet is happy to be able to contribute also to this aspect of GÉANT and European R&E network collaboration, using the resources and the dedicated and competent people of the Nordic NREN community.