Nordic NREN community IaaS workshop, Copenhagen, September 12, 2012

Location: NORDUnet office, Kastruplundgade 22, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark - Time: 10:00 – 16:00 CET.

IaaS - A service provided by a company, group, community, or government that provides basic computing, networking, data storage, and virtualized operating system hosting.


With in the Nordic research and higher education community there is a growing interest in using cloud services as part of research and to support the day-to-day operational needs for universities and other higher education institutions.

There is a concern with using commercial cloud service offerings due to the sensitive nature of some of the data sets but also due to the complication of complying with the data protection laws in the different countries.

 The NRENs have an existing national network infrastructure and a pan Nordic infrastructure via NORDUnet, which can connect all institutions with out traversing the public Internet.


The scope of the workshop is to identify the potential for providing a pan Nordic IaaS ”cloud” service offering for the Nordic NREN connected community. The aim is to have at least one data center per country to allow for having data stored within country, but also to have a cross border service offering for redundancy and services where it isn’t necessary to retain the data within the country, but where it is still kept within a closed network environment, not traversing the public internet.

Target group

The target participation of the workshop is the Nordic NREN’s and other organizations and institutions that the NREN’s believe can provide hosting or data center resources to support such a service.


Presentation from vendors that provide ”turn key” software solutions that can package IaaS, including provisioning front-end, billing and all other elements of such a service. 

Discussion on the feasibility and interest for setting up a pan Nordic service for the NREN connected community.


For registration please send a mail to with your contact details and include any requirements for accommodation or special diet considerations.