NORDUnet complete 2011 Network expansion by taking a third connection to the US in production

By taking another 10Gbps connection to the US in to production NORDUnet completes the 2011 network expansion. This new connection between Ashburn and London complemets the already existing connections from New York to Amsterdam and Reykjavik.
Other elements in the 2011 plan included upgrading the European network ring traversing Amsterdam and London to 20Gpbs, as well as upgrading several NREN network connections. The NORDUnet peering footprint was also expanded as part of the plan.

NORDUnet is connected at the following Internet eXchange points.

  • AMS-IX in Amsterdam
  • DIX in Copenhagen
  • LINX in London
  • NETNOD in Stockholm
  • NIX in Oslo
  • NYIIX in New York
  • RIX in Reykjavik
  • Equinix in Ashburn

NORDUnet plans to continue expanding it's public peering presence which is part of an expansive public peering strategy, to secure the best possible commodity internet service for the Nordic research and educational networks.

You can follow the peering traffic at the NORDUnet Load Plot Page and you can find *NORDUnet's Peering Policy here*.

Peering requests can be sent to NORDUpeering