NORDUnet Completes Major Network Upgrade

NORDUnet today announced the completion of a major upgrade of its European optical network footprint in response to the growing traffic requirements of the Nordic NRENs and the Nordic research and education community.

With a deployment of an 88-channel, 100G optical transport network, NORDUnet interconnects the Nordic NRENs as well as major European transit hubs with a flexible, high-capacity network with OTN capabilities.

The upgrade enables NORDUnet to support the most demanding science applications with the high bandwidth and facilities required for big data, high-definition video, and large-scale global science. The network supports the traffic needs of the NORDUnet MPLS and IP network, reaching from California in the west to Finland in the east.

Built using the Ciena 6500 packet-optical platform, the NORDUnet optical transport network connects Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Hamburg, London, and Amsterdam. The network offers full resilience, and connects the Nordic R&E networks to key open exchanges, to major IXPs, and to major network partners, including the European GÉANT network.

NORDUnet CEO René Buch explains, “Providing the Nordic R&E community with a world-class network with the flexibility and capacity to match the needs of the most demanding users is a key element of the NORDUnet mission. The new network allows Nordic research and education to continue playing a key role in exciting, innovative, and demanding global collaborations; and at the same time it allows NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs to continue to engage with key network partners and participate in game-changing global network projects”.