NORDUnet upgrades capacity to Iceland

NORDUnet is happy to announce a new agreement with Farice for network capacity to Icelandic NREN RHnet. NORDUnet, RHnet, and Farice have reached an agreement that provides an upgrade of Icelandic R&E Network connectivity to 2 x 10Gbps (from the current 10 Gbps + 2.5 Gbps backup).  Under the agreement, Farice will deliver fully diverse 10 Gbps North Atlantic circuits, one to London, UK and one to Copenhagen, Denmark, connecting to the NORDUnet optical backbone.  Likewise under the agreement, RHnet will extend the R&E network infrastructure in Iceland to reach telecommunications "meet-me" points, giving RHnet the abiliy to deliver local loops for the North Atlantic links.

Putting in place diversely routed, full 10 Gbps capacity to Iceland is critical for both the growing Icelandic R&E network traffic and for Nordic and European researchers considering Iceland as a host country for HPC, storage, and cloud computing resources in order to achieve zero CO2 emmision installations. A very concrete example of such HPC usage is the new supercomputer for the Danish Meteorological Institute which will be installed in Iceland during 2015 and in production beginning of 2016. (More)

The new links will be implemented in Q4 2015, and the agreement extend for three years until the end of 2018.