NorthernLight Open Lightpath Exchange in London

NORDUnet has extended the NorthernLight Open Lightpath Exchange with a facility in London to provide OLE acces to Nordic and North Atlantic R&E resources, including the North Atlantic Green Computing Facilities on Iceland.

The NorthernLight OLE facility in London is operational and is interconnected with NortherLight facilities in Nordic countries through the high performance NORDUnet backbone.

NORDUnet strongly supports Open Lightpath Exchange technologies and the GLIF AutoGOLE experimental facility for Bandwidth-on-Demand, based on the emerging Open Grid Forum NSI protocol standards framework.

The NorthernLight London facility is predominantly meant to support experimental projects, such as the further development of the NSI protocols, the OpenNSA NSI Network Services Agent open source implementation, and the AutoGOLE fabric.

The NortherLight London facility is installed at the NORDUnet London PoP. It offers 1 Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet access, and is readily reachable from other London-based R&E network facilities. NORDUnet welcomes partners and collaborators to connect to the facility. It is expected that the facility will be interconnected with a GÉANT Open Lightpath Exchange in London once it becomes available.