Register for the NORDUnet Conference 2012

The 27th NORDUnet Conference in Oslo, Norway, 18-20 September. This year’s conference is hosted by UNINETT and NORDUnet liaising with the Oslo and Akershus university college of applied sciences that also offers the venue for the event.Overall the conference focuses on Nordic and North-Atlantic collaboration with emphasis on current challenges and future technologies. Plenary sessions paint the broader picture, three parallel tracks on technology, services and applications explore in-depth topics, and lightning talks and BoFs inspire debate and discussion.

The Programme
The programme offers a variety of topics that are on today’s agenda of the networking community:

  • New technologies: Future Networks, Virtualization, Mobility, Bandwidth-on-Demand
  • Campus & Researcher: Campus Networking, User Communities, Identity, Collaborative Tools
  • Rising Demand: Demanding Applications, Data Deluges, Storage, Clouds
  • Putting It All Together:Operations, Security, Green IT, Social Impact

While the NORDUnet conference is the Nordic meeting place with speakers such as Eva Stensköld from Sweden talking in the Data Sharing Strategies session, Koenraad de Smedt of Norway sharing his views in the Data Deluges session, and Juha Oinonen of Finland offering his thoughts in the Regional Networking session speakers also come from many European countries as well as the US and from as far as Korea.

Normal fee expires 1 September
Be sure to register before 1 September to get the normal fee. 
For registration and more information, go to the NORDUnet 2012 web pages.