Roland Hedberg awarded Vietsch Foundation medal of honour

NORDUnet congratulates Roland Hedberg, University of Umeå, with being awarded a Vietsch Foundation medal of honour for his activities in the specification and development of essential components of current Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructures (AAI), a cornerstone of secure access to websites, applications and data.

The medal was presented to Roland at the closing plenary of the TNC15 conference in Porto.

Roland Hedberg is a senior researcher at the University of Umeå in Sweden. Roland has played a key role in contributing his expertise from the research and education networking community to standard industry deployments of federated identity management, an essential component of AAI. He developed the OpenID Connect conformance test suite, which was adopted by the OpenID Foundation and became the de facto reference implementation. OpenID Connect is a new standard, only a year old, but it sees good traction and is rapidly becoming the protocol to use for protecting web-based application.  Roland Hedberg has been a frequent contributor to NORDUnet activities and a strong contributor to the GÉANT projects (GN3, GN3+, GN4) on behalf of NORDUnet. NORDUnet indebted to Roland for his tireless work for the community. 

Read more at the Vietsch Foundation website.