Shibboleth Consortium 2017 report published

The Shibboleth Consortium has pubslihed a bref report of activities and results for 2017

NORDUnet is a Principal Member of the Shibboleth Consortium on behalf of the identity deferations of the Nordic NRENs, and is represented in the consortium board by Manne Miettinen of HAKA / CSC. 

Shibboleth is a key software component of many trust and identity infrastrucutres and applications in the research and education community. NORDunet is pleased to see the ongoing support for the software from the Shibboleth Consortium and the growing support for the consortium from the community.  Membership has doubled in the past year, and financial stability and the financial resources available for continued evolution and maintenance has been substantially improved. 

NORDUnet looks forward to collaborating with the Shibboleth community in the years to come.