Slovenian recognition for ARNES and R&E networking

The president of the republic of Slovenia today decorated ARNES, the national research and education network (NREN) of Slovenia, with the Order of merit for development and research in the field of introducing new information and communications technologies in Slovenia. 

ARNES was established 22 years ago as a national academic network for Slovenia and today connects over 1000 organisations, with more than 200,000 users in the fields of research, education and culture. With its network and services, its management of an ISP hub and the .si domain as well as providing security, it is one of the key elements in Slovenia’s e-infrastructure, and ensures the transfer of knowledge when new technologies are introduced.  

ARNES’s general manager Marko Bonač, who has led the ARNES institute since its inception, points out that “22 years ago we were real pioneers in the field of ICT and we remain one of the key organisations to ensure the introduction of new network technologies in Slovenia”.

ARNES is a longtime partner in the pan-European GÉANT network and an important collaborator for NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs, hosting many institutions of the highest merit, with close collaboration with Nordic researchers.  NORDUnet congratulates ARNES with this prestigious recognition of it's many achievements, and the recognition of the importance of national and European R&E networking that it implies. 

See the full announcement here.