Sunet Days in Kristianstad

Twice a year, Swedish Sunet meets with its customers and partners at the Sunet Days. This time the venue is Högskolan Kristianstad in the southernmost part of Sweden. From the 11th to 14th of April representatives from organisations connected to Sunet meet and discuss current topics. Usually the Sunet Days attract between 200 and 250 participants from all over Sweden.

According to Börje Josefsson, SUNET, two key topics will be dominating the agenda of the upcoming April meeting. Firstly, the dominant technical issue will be an update on the construction of the new Sunet network, scheduled to be fully operational in October this year. Secondly, there will be focus on a new set of rules for handling personal data.

The programme will also cover a range of other topics: representatives from Dutch SURFnet are scheduled to present their new WiFi-as-a-service project. And there will be an introduction to SWAMID, the Swedish Academic Identity Federation. Also, the four-day programme contains workshops on video conferencing, information security and cloud services.

Starting out 15 years ago as a meeting focusing solely on technical issues, the Sunet Days have developed into a versatile conference, covering all facets of developing and operating the Swedish research and education network. 

Read more about the upcoming Sunet Days here (in Swedish)