Support for SSLv3 has been discontinued

NORDUnet no longer supports SSLv3. On October 15, we have disabled the SSLv3 protocol on all NORDUnet Operated servers and services.


SSLv3 is twenty years old, and has been superseded by more modern, more secure versions of the protocol (now called TLS). Until today, SSLv3 was supported to maximise browser compatibility. This week, a vulnerability was discovered in the SSLv3 protocol which makes it unsafe to use. Because of the security implications NORDUnet have decided to disable SSLv3 on our servers.


All modern browsers support TLS, and are not dependent on SSLv3. For these browsers disabling of SSLv3 has no impact. TLS is however not implemented by default on Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP. 

Should anyone experience any problems as a result of NORDUnet disabling SSLv3, please contact our NOC, by emailing