SURFnet and NORDUnet give researchers fast access to datasets.

SURFnet and NORDUnet deploy 100G optical network to London for research and education

Utrecht 4 December 2013 – SURFnet and NORDUnet (the network for education and research in the Nordic countries) today deployed an optical network between Amsterdam and London, initially comprising two 100 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) connections. Each organisation now has its own 100G connection to the LINX Internet node in London, with near-infinite upgrade potential. The partners already operate similar optical networks between Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Earlier this year, NORDUnet and SURFnet were part of a group of leading R&E networks that demonstrated an intercontinental 100 Gbps link between Europe and the US.

This latest network deployment by SURFnet and NORDUnet offers yet more proof of the advantages of collaborating in providing state-of-the art technology to the research and education community. Indeed, optical networks provide almost unlimited capacity for research and education compared to traditional network connections.

The connections to London have been implemented as part of a joint effort in which the two partners have pooled resources. As joint owners, SURFnet provided the transmission equipment while NORDUnet furnished the optical fibre. The deployment project was also conducted in collaboration, with staff from both partner organisations working closely together.

“These new connections mean that we can continue to drive the market forward”, said Erik Huizer, SURFnet’s CTO. “At the same time, the new connection boosts the position of the Netherlands as the ‘digital gateway to Europe’. The collaboration with our Nordic colleagues has also enabled us to set up the new connection cost-efficiently.”

“Today’s achievement was the next logical step in executing the NORDUnet global network strategy of providing the best possible network connection to the Nordic R&E community in collaboration with international partners”, added Lars Fischer, CTO of NORDUnet. “It demonstrates once again the power of inter-NREN collaboration, and we are happy to see our long collaboration with SURFnet continue to bring tangible results to the R&E community and beyond.”

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