Andrei Gurtov

Adj. Prof. Andrei Gurtov

Helsinki Institute for Information Technology

Overview of NordicHIP project

This talk presents research topics of the NordicHIP project: Using DNS as an access protocol for mapping host identifiers to locators, interfamily handovers, HIP privacy management, and NodeID++ architecture.

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Andrei Gurtov received his M.Sc and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from
the University of Helsinki, Finland. At the present, he is Principal Scientist
leading the Networking Research group at the Helsinki Institute for Information
Technology focusing on the Host Identity Protocol and next generation Internet
architecture. He is co-chairing the IRTF research group on HIP and teaches as
an adjunct professor at Telecommunications and Multimedia Laboratory of the
Helsinki University of Technology. Previously, his research focused on the
performance of transport protocols in heterogeneous wireless networks.
In 2000-2004, he served as a senior researcher at Sonera Finland contributing
to performance optimization of GPRS/UMTS networks, intersystem mobility, and
IETF standardization. In 2003, he spent six months as a visiting researcher
in the International Computer Science Institute at Berkeley working with
Dr.Sally Floyd on simulation models of transport protocols in wireless networks.
In 2004, he was a consultant at the Ericsson NomadicLab. Dr. Gurtov is a co-author
of over 35 publications including research papers, patents, and IETF RFCs.
Admitted to the Finnish Union of University Professors at 28, he remains to
be the youngest member at the moment.