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MTT Agrifood Research Finland

Mobile Internet Services for Online Support of Agricultural Machinery

Mobile Internet Services for Online Support of Agricultural Machinery

Liisa Pesonen, MTT Agrifood Research Finland

Keywords: agriculture, internet, mobile, machinery, database, middleware

Demands towards the quality and traceability of agricultural production methods and produced raw materials are increasing. The demands are set by governments, processing industry and customers, and they concern compliance with standards, environment, ethics and health. Information management of task execution in fields with agricultural machinery has a key role in challenge. It is important that the task execution is carried out following the plan, and if sudden changes in plan are needed they follow standards and regulations and help to improve the outcome.
In NORDUnetAgro project the focus is on technology that enables online support of agricultural machinery. There are two technological approaches chosen and further demonstrated within the project; to internet servers connected wireless local area network and mobile internet. There are several commercially available technical hardware solutions to build the physical systems. The challenge is to program the needed data management system, which covers complex productions chains with interfaces to multiple different applications. Open, preferably harmonized system interfaces are essential in order to built useful data management systems in this environment. In the project a prototype of the middleware, based on the REDS publish-subscribe system (, was designed and implemented by Alexandra Institute and University of Aarhus. The designed system allows various applications to communicate and transmit data at a high abstraction level, ignoring the fact that some parts of the applications are hosted on mobile entities in the neighbourhood and others on a local area network in a building and yet, other on servers somewhere on the Internet. The system also allows complex applications to be built without concern about the low level communication problems related to mobile and hybrid networks.
Another approach used in demonstrations utilizes mobile internet technology where mobile working unit like tractor-implement combination communicates with centred Internet database via work unit's Task Controller (TC) (Nikkilä 2007). TC is connected with work unit's ECUs and sensors via cables, wireless connections or CAN bus like ISOBUS. TC gives commands to work unit how to perform the task, records sensor data and drivers notes, prepares document of performed work and calculates assisting information from collected data for the driver. TC has modem via which it receives information like Task files and weather data or other assisting information from the farm database or other service providers' databases via web server and sends documented field data back to the field database. GPRS or 3G connection is used for the data transfer.
The quality of online support is also on research focus in the NORDUnetAgro project. Especially, reliability and needed accuracy of sensor origin information in different on-board decision levels is investigated and analysed. Also the needed type and accuracy of 3D modelling of accomplished work for online support to driver is detected. The results are needed in designing and scaling the structures of practical systems; quality of the sensors and location of the assisting calculation capacity - on-board or behind Intrenet servers.

Acknowledgements to NORDUnet3 programme for financing the work.

Nikkilä, R. 2007. Farm management information system architecture for precision agriculture. Masters thesis, Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo. 90 p.

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Curriculum Vitae for Liisa Pesonen 07.04.2008

Full names: Liisa Anneli Pesonen
Address: Vakolantie 55, FI 03400 VIHTI, tel. +358-400-733539,
Date and place of birth: the 30th of December in 1963, Tuupovaara, North Carelia
Education: 1993 M.Sc. Agr. (Ag.Eng.), Ph.D-sudent: topic of dissertation: "Method for planning site-specific nitrogen fertilization in precision farming"

Since 2003 Senior Scientist in MTT Agrifood Research Finland, from 2005 team leader of the crop technology research group (Croptech), from 2006 group manager of the of the crop technology research group (Croptech)
2002-2003 Assistant and teaching researcher at the University of Helsinki, Dept. of Agricultural Engineering
1993-2002 Project Researcher at the University of Helsinki, Dept. of Agricultural Engineering

Research projects:
At the University of Helsinki, Dept. of Agricultural Engineering: Position dependent adaptive crop production (precision farming) (1993-1996), Leaching sensitivity map (precision farming) (1997-1999), Projects concerning environmental technology (2000-2002)
Metria / Swedesurvey Ab, year 2000: Development of positioning database for management of sub-drainage maps
MTT Agrifood Research Finland: Agrix - Automation system for plant production (2003-2005), Precision farming (2003-2006), Matilda - Information management in farms (2004-2005), InfoX - Human interaction focused development of a concept for information management system of a plant production process (2005-2006), FARMIX - Integrated automation for tractor and implements (2006-2008), InfoXT - User-centric mobile information management in automated plant production (2006-2008), Mobile internet services for online support of agricultural machinery (2006-2009), FutureFarm - Integration of Precision Farming Information Systems to support real-time management decisions and compliance of management standards (2008-2010)

Information management related publications:
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