Adobe Connect

The Adobe Connect Service is designed to offer an easy and secure way to host, organize and participate in online meetings and events. It is a collaborative tool for any organization and project to virtual share information, video, sound, pictures, chat and documents.


Adobe Connect is available to all organizations and projects within the Nordic NREN community


Adobe Connect is a cost-effective communication solution that makes it easy for any organization and project to collaborate virtually in real-time through easy-to-use, easy-to-access online meeting rooms. It is a platform for basically any online event, such as meetings, web conferences, eLearning, webinars, whether it is a small videoconference or a large webinar with up to 500 participants.

Other features include the ability to record events, pause, resume and save them for later use. Recorded meetings can also be edited and published at any time. In addition to the sharing of slides and other documents Adobe Connect offers a screen sharing tool combined with co-writing, editing and browsing.

All mobile devices can be used to participate in online meetings, to host meetings and to collaborate virtually everywhere at anytime. The Adobe Connect Mobile application performs perfect on iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, and also on mobile devices using Android. You simply use a computer, tablet or mobile phone together with a headset and web camera in order to connect via your Internet connection.

Adobe Advantage Support

Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark have established a Nordic Adobe Connect cooperation meaning a shared Adobe Connect Advantage Support with the same contact person for faster problem solving, greater responsiveness and a professional handling of queries.





If local university or project, contact your own NREN


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