Community Projects

NORDUnet engages with the community in many ways.  One way is to participate in community projects of many kinds.  We participate in projects of all size, from small, organization-funded, exploratory projects with a few partners, to large service-delivery projects with substantial budgets and many partners.  Some projects are formal activities, with external funding from European Community research and technology programmes and other funding bodies, while other projects are less formal, often self-organized and self-funded by the participants.

No matter the format or the budget of the projects, such projects are important to realizing the NORDUnet strategic objectives, and equally important to engaging with our community and helping realize wider, community strategies.  NORDUnet itself started as a collaborative project, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, and collaborative projects remain essential to advancing in the Nordic countries, in Europe, and globally.

On these pages, you can find information about some of the current and past projects and their achievements.