Community Representation

Part of the mission of NORDUnet is to represent the Nordic R&E networking community in European and global collaboration where this approach is seen to create synergy, efficiency, or maximize impact. In particular, the Nordic NRENs sometimes decide to use a single Nordic representation, acting jointly as a community.   Using a consensus-driven process the community arrives at joint Nordic positions that allow NORDUnet or any other stakeholder to represent the entire community. 


NORDUnet is a member of the GÉANT Association with full voting rights.  NORDUnet is a partner in the GÉANT projects and the GÉANT Framework Partnership agreement.  NORDUnet connects to the GÉANT network and participantes in the GÉANT cost sharing.  In this way, NORDUnet represents the Nordic NRENs and the Nordic community in GÉANT ensuring a coherent Nordic strategy towards European connectivity  and European R&E networking collaboration.

All of the Nordic NRENs and indeed many other Nordic stakeholders in R&E networking are engaged in European networking collaborations, contribute to GÉANT Association task forces and special interest groups, partcipates in the GÉANT projects, etc.  They are full members of the European R&E networking community.  NORDUnet acts as a coordinator and facilitator in order to maximize engagement.  At the same time, NORDUnet participates in GÉANT governance helping create new intiatives, promoting the inclusion of Nordic ideas and Nordic participants, and promoting GÉANT contribution to global initatives.

Global collaborations

Research and education is global, and global partnerhips, initiatives, and projects are essential to NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs.  For reasons of economy of scale, effiency, and impact, the Nordic community will often decide for a single body to represent them in such global efforts, based on joint positions.

NORDUnet reprents the Nordic community in the R&E Networks Global CEO Forum and works to promote a global agenda of integration, sharing, and fast-moving action by the able-and-willing. Both NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs engage in the working groups and activities of the CEO Forum.

In other global efforts the Nordic NRENs and NORDUnet acts independently or together, depending on what is seen as most efficient.  When acting together, either of the stakeholders may represent a Nordic umbrella view. Such an approach may be used for organizations such as RIPE, IANA, IETF, GLIF, REFEDS, etc.