Emerging NREN Programme

NORDUnet is the result of a sustained effort of the Nordic countries to build national research & education networks, and of an equally sustained effort to collaborate across the region. We believe that this approach has been vital to the Nordic countries, and that NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs provide critical services to Nordic research and education. 

We also believe this approach is valid to other countries and regions.  We acknowledge that some regions face challenges of infrastructure and economy of a nature not applicable to us. Yet, we believe in having NRENs everywhere. We also find it essential for our mission to have NRENs established everywhere. Research and education is global. From the Nordic region we need to collaborate with global partners, and we need such collaboration to be supported by global and local infrastructures. It is our hope that researchers and students everywhere are connected to an R&E network so that we can reach them. We are happy to share the substantial experience we have collected over the years, if in doing so we can support emerging NRENs in overcoming some of their challenges.

To this end, NORDUnet has established an Emerging NREN Programme. Under this programme we have launched a number of initiatives. We have collaborated with sponsors to invite representatives of emerging NRENs to the NORDUnet Conference and to the NORDUnet Technical Workshop. Also, we have invited network engineers and administrative staff to Kastrup and Stockholm for extensive training and knowledge sharing sessions. And NORDUnet staff is participating in regional conferences to strengthen personal and professional ties between the networks.

It is important to stress that the emerging NREN programme is not an attempt to tell emerging NRENs what to do, nor to do the job for them.   Rather, the programme is meant to foster global knowledge sharing, and support emerging NRENs in supporting themselves, and via our vast experience to help in establishing local and regional communities.