Generic Service Level Commitment (SLC)


NORDUnet Network Services as listed below:

  • IP Transit
  • IP Peering
  • Lambda and OTN

NORDUnet operated Services as listed below:

  • Adobe Connect
  • Zoom
  • Kaltura
  • Panopto
  • MediaSite

Service Availability
NORDUnet will endeavour to meet the Service availability at the following levels:
Single Route or non-redundant Services 99.50%
Protected Route or redundant Services 99.99%

Definition and Measurement:
Service Availability is a measure of the relative amount of time during which a Service is available for Customer use during a calendar month. „Service Unavailability“ for a Service is defined as the periods for which a Service is experienced as unusable, and is measured from the time:

  • An alarm is received in the NORDUnet monitoring system or
  • that the Customer reports unavailability of the Service to the NORDUnet NOC and NORDUnet opens a trouble ticket, until the time
  • that NORDUnet advises the Customer that the Service is restored and operating in accordance with agreed specifications.
    Any periods of time which a trouble ticket is kept open following notification by the NORDUnet NOC that Service has been restored, is not included in measuring the duration of a period of Service Unavailability.

Service interruptions not counted as Service Unavailability:

  • Planned work announced to the Customer at least five calendar days in advance.
  • Any interruptions of a redundant link or service that are not affecting the service.
  • Planned or unplanned interruptions caused by customer.
  • Interruptions caused by incidents in Customer's own network, equipment or services that the specific service depends on.
  • Interruptions caused by another NORDUnet service that the specific service depends on.
  • Force majeure or similar in accordance with the Agreement. 

   Planned Maintenance:

  • Planned maintenance will be announced no later than that five calendar days in advance.
  • Emergency maintenance may be announced on a shorter notice.

Service Status and availability reports
Service Status Overview - 
Service Status Summary - 
Service and availability Reports -