Global Strategy

Connecting the Nordic NRENs and the Nordic research and education community to the rest of the world is a key element in the NORDUnet mission. To do this, we must promote and develop technologies and global infrastructure principles central to offering the best possible service, and we must constantly push the boundaries, service levels, and capacities of the global network infrastructure we are part of.  As both research and education are global efforts, so must our solutions and services be.

Part of the NORDUnet global strategy is met by ensuring that we have the right infrastructure and the right services in place to meet the global needs of the Nordic community. However, we can never truly offer the global connectivity and the global services required alone.  Also, since the research communities we serve are global, we must work with partners worldwide to provide seamless services for these communties, whereever they are.

For this reason, global partnerships have always been essential to meeting the NORDUnet mission.  NORDUnet has - since its inception 25+ years ago - been heavily engaged in global efforts, forming long-term European and global partnerships. NORDUnet has always taken a leading role in the R&E networking community, contributing to a wide range of efforts and being a founding partner in collaborations and partnerships, big and small.

Working with our global partners is a key focus area for NORDUnet.  Some partnerships are formal and focused on joint delivery of infrastructure, whereas others are informal and driven by mutual interest in specific technologies.  Some partnerships are regional or European, whereas others are truly global.  Some partnerships are mostly strategic, pushing the long-term agenda for what NRENs do, whereas others are hands-on and operational.  Irrespective of their nature, they are all essential to NORDUnet and to meeting our long-term commitment to the Nordic research and education community.