GN4 is the name given to the next phase of the GÉANT project, expect to start in May 2015 and continue until early 2022.  GN4 is aligned with the Horizon 2020 framework programme for funding research by the European Commission, is expected to receive EC funding for the duration of the project, and will follow up on the work of previous GÉANT projects such as GN3 and GN3plus.

Framework Partnership Agreement

GN4 will be structured somewhat differently than previous GÉANT projects. The project partners - the 43 European NRENs participating - will enter into a Framework Partnership Agreewith (FPA) with the European Commission.   The FPA is a high-level agreement that puts forward strategic objectives and high-level action lines, and a mutual commitments to work towards these objectives. The FPA is not a project and as such implies not specific deliverables or funding.  The FPA is a confirmation of mutual commitment, with a consortium, governance, and strategic objectives already in place. The FPA allows for simpler and faster creation of smaller or larger projects within the framework.