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NORDUnet Media Status

Following all the latest restrictions for personal encounters as part of the anti Corona virus measures we have seen an unprecedented increase in the use of the NORDUnet Zoom service. We are doing everything we can together wih Zoom to safeguard a stable service at all times. With the very extreme loads we have seen over the past days queuing has been inevitable at times. Work-arounds have been implemented and we continue to make everything we can to meet all demands for Zoom access.

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Supporting the global challenges of the novel coronavirus

In response to the current situation of the Corona virus R&E networks are moving to procure additional capacity on existing international links and server farms ahead of demand to ensure universities continue to have the bandwidth and services they need to meet the growing demand for video conferencing, remote learning and personal communications.

Coronavirus visualisation

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Call for Proposals for NORDUnet conference 2020

The NORDUnet 2020 Conference will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland, on 15-17 September, 2020. The conference aims at covering all aspects of NREN activities, including but not limited to Campus Networking, Educational Services, Evolution of Networks, Network Automation, Security and Privacy, Identity Management, Services for HPC and Data Driven Science, Automation and Failure Prediction.

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Inauguration of ESS Data Centre Copenhagen

Today the European Spallation Source Data Management and Software Centre (ESS DMSC) in Copenhagen inaugurates the ESS Data Centre Copenhagen.  The opening is celebrated at a reception at the DMSC offices and Data Centre in Copenhagen (at Bio Science Park, COBIS).

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Nordic Educational Services & Community building Workshop 2019

Collaborating, communicating, creating communities - 13-14 November

Come join the next NORDUnet Media Service community building workshop 13-14 November.

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GN4-3 workshop on Network Management and Monitoring hosted at NORDUnet

On 21-22 October 2019, NORDUnet hosted a GÉANT workshop on Network Management and Monitoring, organised by the GN4-3 project co-funded by the European Comission.

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NORDUnet hosts 18th GÉANT STF meeting

On 22-23 October, NORDUnet is hosting the 18th meeting of the GÉANT Service & Technology Forum (STF) at the NORDUent Copenhagen offices. 

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Call for Lightning Talks for NTW2019

NORDUnet would like to invite lightning talks for the upcoming NORDUnet Technical Workshop (NTW2019).

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NTW19 Early bird registration fee to Expire

The favourable early-bird registration fee for the NORDUnet Technical Workshop is about to expire!

This year's programme offers even more workshops and sessions that offer space for the NREN community and related campus staff to tackle the challenges of growth and new regulations in the coming years. Besides the advantage of the early bird fee we strongly recommend you to register as soon as possible to safeguard your seat in all the workshops that fit you. Some of them are close to being oversubscribed.

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Fast and stable Network Ring between Europe and Asia-Pacific

Extensive backup links to ensure network resilience and boost connectivity between Asia and Europe for research and education
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