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Introducing the GREN

NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs are proud members of a global family of research and education networks, each serving their own country or region. Together, the world’s R&E Networks form the Global Research & Education Network (the GREN), enabling the global collaboration of modern research, or in other words “So that Luiz’ research team in Mexico City can connect to Greta’s team in Oslo using data housed in Melbourne.

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Tender for Speech2text

NORDUnet is tendering for a Speech2Text Solution

The Nordic R&E community is committed to produce and publish teaching and other material with subtitles, and generically ensure compliance with the EU Web Accessibility Directive and thereby WCAG version 2.1 AA, as well as the European Accessibility Act (EAA), when it enters into force, and any related national legislation within the Nordic countries.

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Making Europe fit for the Digital Age

At a lively high-level online seminar, organized by NORDUnet and Nordic NRENs, four keynote speakers emphasized the importance of a European Digital Connectivity Strategy making Europe fit for the digital age. As a flagship example of such Strategy, the upcoming Arctic Connect Submarine Cable system and the impact on science and society were highlighted.
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Setting Sails for the next generation of European research networking

EuroHPC, European Open Science Cloud, ever increasing cross-border and global research collaboration, and a transition to digial and data driven research and education accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis all pose formidable challenges for European research communities. European researchers are making strong progress in AI, green technologies, health and medicine, and much more. The European Commision has lauched a new framework programme for research - Horizon Europe - to give these efforts momentum. The European NREN's are a key enabler for these developments.

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R&E Networks Pick their Project Planning Team

At the March 2021 general assembly of GÉANT Association, the European R&E network collaboration, new members were elected for a key body. The GÉANT Programme Planning Committee (GPPC) will prepare project proposals for European R&E Networking and related areas under the Horizon Europe seven-year framework programme for research funding, starting with a Financial Framework Partnership Agreement (FFPA) setting out the objectives and key actions for pan-European research networking in the coming seven years.

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Erik-Jan Bos speaking at WACREN2021

"NRENs are more important then ever. Both Research & Education are global endeavors therefor NRENs should think global and act local embracing new technologies, becoming the systems integrator, creating new services and stimulate community and collaboration"

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René Buch speaks at WACREN 2021

NORDUnet CEO René Buch today joined WACREN 2021 as panelist in a session on new and emerging technologies that are shaping our societies across all disciplines,

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Save the date for NTW2021

30 November – 2 December 2021

Nordic Technical Workshop hosted by NORDUnet (NTW)

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Arctic Connect R&E Position Paper published

Arctic Connect R&E is a Northern European initiative to acquire a dedicated fiber pair through the Arctic, on the planned Arctic Connect Subsea Cable System (ACSC), bringing substantially better connectivity to the Research, Development, Innovation (RDI), and Education sectors between Europe and Asia and North America.

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KAUST to dramatically upgrade connection to NORDUnet

NORDUnet has for some years been exchanging traffic with KAUST - the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology of Saudi Arabia - through a 10 Gbps connection between Amsterdam and KAUST. This connection is set to be dramatically upgraded.

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