News & Events from 2015

Save the date - NORDUnet Conference 2016

Save the date

The next NORDUnet conference will take place on 20-22 September 2016 in Helsinki Finland.


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UNINETT Deploys Arctic Fibre

Using the most northernly subsea cable system in the world, Norwegian NREN UNINETT on 9 May started servicing the arctic research facilities at Ny Ålesund, Svalbard, with highspeed network connectivity.  The connection replaces a radio link with far less capacity.

The Ny Ålesund facility is a unique resource for global research. Located at 78°55′30″N, it offers research teams opportunities found nowhere else. Ny Ålesund is a global research facility used by reasearhers from all over the world. 

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Registration for ICT2015 is open

The "ICT" event is a major conference and network event in the European Commission ecosystem.  This year, ICT 2015 takes place on 20-22 October 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. This years theme is "Innovate, Connect, Transform". 

The ICT 2015 event will be naturally focused on the newly started Horizon2020 programme of the EC, and will comprise a number of parallel activities:

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UNINETT Conference 2015

The UNINETT Conference 2015 will take place June 3 to 4 in Tromsø, Norway. There will be adjacent workshops June 2 This year's conference theme is Sharing is caring - sharing as a key to success for ICT in higher education.

Learn more about the conference in English and more in Norwegian

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Meet the Nordic Networkers at TNC-15

NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs have joined forces to present the Nordic network showcase at a booth at the TNC15 Networking Conference.

At the joint Nordic booth we will showcase the highlights of Nordic networking, and you can meet the Nordic network people and learn more about the cooperative effort to ensure researchers from the Nordic countries access to resources and collaboration all over the world.

Stop by and learn more about

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NTW2015 Programme Launched

The NORDUnet Technical Workshop will take place from 15-17 September 2015 at the Radisson Park Inn, Kastrup, Denmark.

It is a community event driven by community interests and stakeholders.  NTW is there for the Nordic R&E networking community to meet, discuss, and work together.  We do this in plenary sessions with lightning updates, and  in topical and/or community-specific breakout sessions .

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e-IRG Publish 2015 Newsletter

The new edition of the first e-IRG newsletter in 2015 is now available for download.

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NORDUnet Streaming the NeIC 2015 Conference

NORDUnet was in charge of streaming all the plenary sessions from the NeIC2015 Conference that took place on Thursday May 7th and Friday May 8th. The two days offered a wide number sessions and speakers that provided a variety of views on e-infrastructure, including the interesting panel discussion  that rounded off the event at Hanasaari in Finland. You can view all the recordings in the NeIC2015 Conference website

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GÉANT Association becomes GÉANT

From now on, the organisation that was formed last October from the restructuring of TERENA and DANTE is no longer known as ‘GÉANT Association’, but simply as ‘GÉANT‘. And from now on, ‘GÉANT’ no longer means a single project or organisation, but stands for the entire community collaboration. The new GÉANT logo went public 1 May 2015, to coincide with the start of the new GÉANT Project (now GN4 Phase 1).

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