News & Events from 2016

Building a new Swedish network

NORDUnet and Swedish Sunet are building a new network for the Swedish research and education community. NORDUnet network architect Fredrik "Hugge" Korsbäck's blog offers in-depth technical information.

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Sunet Days in Kristianstad

Twice a year, Swedish Sunet meets with its customers and partners at the Sunet Days. This time the venue is Högskolan Kristianstad in the southernmost part of Sweden. From the 11th to 14th of April representatives from organisations connected to Sunet meet and discuss current topics. Usually the Sunet Days attract between 200 and 250 participants from all over Sweden.

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Creating a more secure internet with Certificate Transparency

Meet Linus Nordberg, a NORDUnet software developer on a mission: Making the internet safer for everyone, and working together with Google to make it happen.

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Making the Internet a bit safer

Research and education networks are not only about fibres, routers and switches. They also try to contribute to the common good of Internet users. Enter CrypTech, hosted by NORDUnet and making the Internet a little bit safer for everybody.

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