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NORDUnet launches Next Generation Network build

NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs have agreed a major redesign and upgrade of the NORDUnet backbone in Europe and the Nordic countries. The network will allow NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs to meet the growing demands for capacity, availability, and low latency from the research and education sector. By sharing infrastructure, NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs will meet these additional demands without increasing cost. The new network was approved by the NORDUnet board on 26 March 2019; the implementation will be launched immediately. 

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NORDUnet Zoom workshop 8-9 May 2019

Following the workshop on the Kaltura service the NORDUnet media team is now inviting for a similar event for the Zoom service on 8th-9th May.

Registration will close Friday 3rd May by noon!!

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The new Nordic network taking shape

A more powerful, more resilient and more affordable Nordic network for research and education is taking shape. The new NORDUnet network is based on collaboration and infrastructure sharing.

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NORDUnet and Sunet Agreement

NORDUnet and Sunet entered into an agreement for handing over the operation of the Sunet Network to Sunet

Copenhagen, Denmark & Stockholm, Sweden – 2 January 2019

The current Nordic R&E Network operational model was established during 2006 when both NORDUnet and Sunet were implementing a fiber optic network and there was a need for an operational organization that could handle both the network and the NOC.

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NetherLight - the case for Open Exchanges

Our friends at SURFnet have produced an excellent video about the open exchange point NetherLight. The video explains NetherLight role as central part of the European e-Infrastructure for research and education. It also makes a strong case for open exchange points in the global R&E networking ecosystemt, and the role they play in  the Global Network Architecture.

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DeiC Conference 2018

The 2018 edition of the DeiC conference will take place on 10-11 October at Fredericia, Denmark, addressing supercomputing, data management and related services. This year's theme of "Building the digital infrastructure for future research" makes it the perfect meeting point for everyone working with e-infrastructure within research and education. Four tracks, "Network and Services", "Supercomputing and eScience", "Data Management and infrastructure", "Security/Sponsors",  combined with plenary sessions make up the conference.

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SUNET Days. Fall 2018

The Fall 2018 edition of the SUNET Days (SUNETDAGARNA) take place at Karlstad University on 1-4 October 2018. 

The SUNET Days bring togeher network and IT professionals, researchers, and staff of insitutions connected to SUNET. The meeting is an opportunity for the Swedish community to network, to discusse and plan, and to hear updates on network and services from SUNET.  

More information (in Swedish) at the SUNET website.

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Goodbye from Helsingør

The NORDUnet 2018 conference has ended. 270 delegates form 36 countries found their way to Helsingør, Denmark, for three days of intense conference program, 5 days of community meetings, planned and impromptu meetings and collaborations, many opportunities for social gatherings, and a visit to Hamlets carstle. Some who did not have the opportunity to join in person, were among the 370 who saw part of the program by video streaming. 

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4th GTS Tech and Futures Forum

On 29-30 October, BELNET will be hosting the 4th GTS Tech and Futures Forum. The event will showcase version 6 of the GÉANT Testbed Service, will focus on advanced network research and experimentation, and will bring together users and developers of GTS. The event demonstrate current usecases and applications of GTS, and will have discussion of the future evolution of GTS. 

The meeting will take place at the BELNET offices in central Brussels.

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3rd Asi@Connect Call for Proposals

The 3rd call for proposals of the Asi@Connect program has been launched by TEIN*CC. Under the program, corsortia of TEIN member networks and international partners can create project in range of subject.  The call is structured into five work packages, with proposals invited in all ares.Already, 29 projects have been supported under the previous two calls. NORDUnet is a partner in one such project, awarded under the 2nd call for proposals.

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