NORDUnet Strategy

Delivering Best-In-Class services

NORDUnet operates according to best practices and pursues the best possible use of all NORDUnet and NREN resources.

NORDUnet make decisions based on input from the Nordic stakeholders and through analysis of the needs we actively engage in optimizing our regional, European and global infrastructure and services.

NORDUnet facilitates services used by all Nordic NRENs and special services for individual NRENs as long as they are financially neutral with respect to other NORDUnet activities.

Collaboration Platform

NORDUnet proactively facilitates cross Nordic collaboration projects or activities.

NORDUnet actively facilitates collaboration, encourages and enables Nordic participation in projects, working groups and knowledge exchange forums, through all relevant funding sources.

Infrastructure and Services

NORDUnet chooses procured or provided solutions based on proven experience, and applies open and/or de facto standards.

NORDUnet builds and operates network and other infrastructure services in response to the needs of Nordic NRENs taking advantage of operational synergies.

International Representation

Supported by the common view and building on the common strength of the Nordic community NORDUnet or a representative of a Nordic NREN represents our stakeholders in relevant collaborations, projects and interest groups thus maximizing the influence and benefit for our community.

We amplify the efforts of the Nordic Research & Education community by promoting efforts beyond the Nordic region.

We provide the Nordic region the full benefits of European and global leadership, enabling the Nordic Research & Education community to play an instrumental role in shaping the future of the global community.