TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association) is the forum created by the European research and education networks  to collaborate, innovate, and share knowledge in order to foster the development of internet technology, infrastructure, and services to be used by the research and education community.  TERENA organizes a number of taskforces where staff from European R&E Networks join forces to research topics, share experience, promote ideas, and innovate together.  Taskforces exist in a wide range or areas spanning from how to manage service portfolio in an NREN to specialized, technical work on storage technology and new storage services.  TERENA also organizes a range of workshops on topics of current interest to the community.

TERENA is a collaborative organization, mobilizing both subject matter experts and managers from the European NREN community.  TERENA has been instrumental in developing succesful European services like eduroam, and organizes the annual TERENA Networking Conference, the premier annual meeting for the entire community.

Collaboration with our European colleagues is essential to the NORDUnet vision of excellence in networking and global delivery of best-of-breed services, and TERENA is a key element in the NORDnet strategy for realizing this vision.  The European NREN community needs an agile, flexible organization that can quickly organize workshops and offer a framework for collaborative efforts.  Many of the best collaborations are based on voluntary contributions and self-interest, but they need a support system to make it happen.  TERENA is that support system.

All the Nordic NRENs are members of TERENA, with NORDUnet being an associate member. In accordance with the importance of TERENA for our European strategic objectives, the Nordic NREN community has traditionally been much engaged in TERENA, both in workshops and taskforces, and in the governance and leadership itself. In the recent past Dorte Olesen (of the Danish Technical University) and Janne Kanner (of Funet) have served as TERENA presidents, and Valter Nordh of SUNET currently serves as TERENA vice president of technical programme.