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NORDUnet Completes Major Network Upgrade

NORDUnet today announced the completion of a major upgrade of its European optical network footprint in response to the growing traffic requirements of the Nordic NRENs and the Nordic research and education community.

With a deployment of an 88-channel, 100G optical transport network, NORDUnet interconnects the Nordic NRENs as well as major European transit hubs with a flexible, high-capacity network with OTN capabilities.

The upgrade enables NORDUnet to support the most demanding science applications with the high bandwidth and facilities required for big data, high-definition video, and large-scale global science. The network supports the traffic needs of the NORDUnet MPLS and IP network, reaching from California in the west to Finland in the east.

Built using the Ciena 6500 packet-optical platform, the NORDUnet optical transport network connects Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Hamburg, London, and Amsterdam. The network offers full resilience, and connects the Nordic R&E networks to key open exchanges, to major IXPs, and to major network partners, including the European GÉANT network.

NORDUnet CEO René Buch explains, “Providing the Nordic R&E community with a world-class network with the flexibility and capacity to match the needs of the most demanding users is a key element of the NORDUnet mission. The new network allows Nordic research and education to continue playing a key role in exciting, innovative, and demanding global collaborations; and at the same time it allows NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs to continue to engage with key network partners and participate in game-changing global network projects”.

GÉANT extends ESnet trans-Atlantic connectivity with three high-speed links across Europe

The European R&E network backbone GÉANT has made an agreement with the US R&E network ESnet (the US Department of Energy’s Energy Sciences Network) to deliver three 100Gbps networks links across Europe, connecting the ESnet points-of-presence in Geneva, London, and Amsterdam.

Together with new ESnet trans-Atlantic infrastructure, the 100Gbps European links will greatly improve collaboration opportunities between US and European research facilities, thanks to fast connectivity and resilience vital for big data uses.

Read the full story at the GÉANT website.

Support for SSLv3 has been discontinued

NORDUnet no longer supports SSLv3. On October 15, we have disabled the SSLv3 protocol on all NORDUnet Operated servers and services.

SSLv3 is twenty years old, and has been superseded by more modern, more secure versions of the protocol (now called TLS). Until today, SSLv3 was supported to maximise browser compatibility. This week, a vulnerability was discovered in the SSLv3 protocol which makes it unsafe to use. Because of the security implications NORDUnet have decided to disable SSLv3 on our servers.

All modern browsers support TLS, and are not dependent on SSLv3. For these browsers disabling of SSLv3 has no impact. TLS is however not implemented by default on Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP. 
Should anyone experience any problems as a result of NORDUnet disabling SSLv3, please contact our NOC, by emailing noc@nordu.net


TERENA and DANTE have joined forces to become the GÉANT Association.

TERENA's activities to support collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing for the benefit of research and education continue in the work of the GÉANT Association. Information about these activities will remain available via this website until a full GÉANT Association website can be created. In the meantime, for a brief overview of the GÉANT Association's work, membership, statutes and contacts, please visit the GÉANT Association website.

Latest Conference News: Digital exams – kill the paper

Students don’t want to wait, they want digital exams right now. Government and universities in the Nordic countries are trying to meet the demand.

In the digital exam session at the NORDUnet Conference, experiences and plans from Norway, Denmark and Iceland were shared.

Read more on www.ndn2014.net

NORDUnet Joins Forces with Kaltura to Provide Video Solutions to the Nordic Research and Education Networks

NORDunet will deploy Kaltura’s video platform on-premise in Denmark, to serve as central data centre for the services being provided for the Nordic NREN community

NORDUnet will host Kaltura’s On-Premise video platform locally in their hosting centres in Denmark, connected directly to the NORDUnet network infrastructure, providing the Nordic NREN community with unrestricted and unlimited network capacity to the service.

“We are excited to partner with the one of world’s leaders in education video solutions and we look forward to seeing how quickly and easily institutions in initially the Danish NREN DeIC (www.deic.dk) will embrace this new offering,” commented Jørgen Qvist CO&SDO from NORDUnet.

Kaltura will be exhibiting at the NORDUnet conference during September 23-25 September in Uppsala, Sweden where it will be demonstrating its education video solutions, including online video extensions for all leading Learning Management Systems, Content Management Systems, as well as its Kaltura MediaSpace (‘CampusTube’) social video portal, and a software-based lecture and personal capture solution called Kaltura CaptureSpace.  

The full text of the press release can be found here

World’s first 100Gbps research network across the Pacific

New Zealand research & education network REANNZ deploys world’s first 100Gbps research network across the Pacific. Distance is being eliminated with a demonstration of the world’s longest distance 100Gbps research network connection, showcasing New Zealand’s future capacity on the Southern Cross cable, at the REANNZ-hosted GLIF 2014 conference in Queenstown.

The 100Gbps network across the Pacific Ocean via the Southern Cross cable, is being deployed by REANNZ, provider of high-performance network services for New Zealand’s research and education communities, in collaboration with Chorus, Ciena, Juniper Networks, Level 3 Communications, Pacific Wave, Rydges Hotel, Southern Cross, and Vodafone. “This is the longest 100Gbps research network yet, spanning some 20,500km between Queenstown and California,” says Steve Cotter, CEO of REANNZ.

More information here.

Single-Card Terabit Super-Channel Demonstrated on GÉANT network

The GÉANT research network facilitates innovative new service for network operators.

DANTE, operator of the GÉANT network, and their partner Infinera, announces the successful demonstration of a single card terabit super-channel on an active segment of GÉANT’s production network between Budapest, Hungary and Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

The demonstration shows for the first time how a single photonic integrated circuit (PIC) can enable more than a terabit of super-channel coherent capacity from a single line card with a single fiber connector. This enables faster capacity deployment and lowers operational costs by dramatically reducing the fiber count when contrasted with alternate solutions.

Read more on www.geant.net.

NORDUnet expands its Open eXchange Point presence introducing NOX-HEL

The concept of an Open Exchange is to ensure carrier-neutral, policy-free exchange of traffic between any connected partner networks, thus ensuring easy, non-discriminatory interchange of communication.

NORDUnet strongly supports the Open Exchange concept. NORDUnet is connected to key open exchange points such as NetherLight (Amsterdam) and MANLAN (New York City), and established its first NORDUnet Open Exchange (NOX) point in London in 2012.

Now NORDUnet expands NOX, introducing a new Open Exchange Point in Helsinki (NOX-HEL) to support exchange of communications between partners in Northern Europe, the Baltic region, and Russia.

In line with other Open Exchange Points NOX–HEL will offer 10GE and 100GE connectivity, allowing both R&E networks and commercial service providers to interconnect at their discretion, with no AUP imposed by NORDUnet or NOX.

NORDUnet can offer connectivity between NOX-HEL and a number of other European Open Exchange Points, including other NOX nodes, for our R&E Network partners.

Further NOX locations are in the planning phase and will be established in the future.

A description of NOX can be found here..


NORDUnet is deploying its next generation Optical 100G coherent network based on Ciena equipment

As a result of a joint public procurement with international partner Dante, NORDUnet has chosen Ciena as the provider for its next generation optical and switching network. The NORDUnet Network footprint will when fully deployed cover all of the Nordic countries with connectivity to Germany, Netherlands, UK and Belgium. The Network is being deployed during 2014 and will be fully operational by end Q3.

For full press release click here

Registration for NORDUnet Conference 2014  is open

The conference takes place on 23-25 September in Uppsala, Sweden. For more information please see here

Rolf Nordhagen inducted into Internet Hall of Fame

Rolf Nordhagen (1928 – 2013) is one of 24 Internet pioneers that recently were inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.

Rolf Nordhagen had leading roles in the forming years of the Norwegian academic network UNINETT, and the Nordic university network NORDUnet. He is regarded as one of the founding parents of networking in these regions.

Celebrates innovators

The Internet Hall of Fame was established in 2012 by the Internet Society, and aims to celebrate Internet leaders and innovators from around the world who believe in the design and potential of an open Internet and, through their work, have helped change the way we live and work today. Rolf Nordhagen was inducted into the Pioneers Circle – recognizing individuals who were instrumental in the early design and development of the Internet.

A visionary leader

Nordhagen was a visionary and outspoken leader in a rapidly expanding field. He recognized the possibilities in computer networking at an early stage, and forced issues that were controversial in their time. His vision was that computers were for everyone, and he was an advocate for the development of computer services and networks on campus as well as globally.

After a period as head of the computer department at the University of Oslo, Nordhagen became professor of Informatics and began leading projects for supporting networking in East European countries, primarily in the Baltics. As a member of the NATO Advisory Panel on Computer Networking he was also engaged in Internet support to universities in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

With his death in 2013, at the age of 85, the Nordic countries lost one of their Internet and networking pioneers.

More about the induction: http://internethalloffame.org/inductees/rolf-nordhagen

Call for Lightning Talks - NORDUnet Conference 2014

The call for lightning talks will open by 1 April 2014 and will close by 15 August 2014.

Lightning talks are five to ten minute presentations focusing on one key point; this can be an idea, a successful project, a cautionary story, a collaboration invitation, or even a quick tip.

Use this time wisely to present the pertinent message of the subject matter without the need for background history, the problem space or a business-case justification.

Lightning talks are also an excellent opportunity for first-time speakers as well as for those that want to get feedback on a rough idea or that want to share some preliminary results.

To propose a lightning talk, use the following link.

For questions, please contact Jacqueline Brown.

The NORDUnet Conference 2014 takes place in Uppsala Sweden on the 23.-25. September 2014

In memory of Karel Vietsch 1952 – 2014.

It is with great sadness that we have received the news about the death of Karel Vietsch, TERENA Secretary General.

Karel Vietsch was a driving force in the collaborative effort between the European countries on the development of Research and Educational Networks.

Karel became TERENA Secretary General in 1996, and since then he has been a significant driving force to  the development of the European R&E community. Even when in 2012 serious illness  forced him to take leave from his daily job Karel continued to contribute to the community with his knowledge, understanding and visions for the future development of research networking.

With the death of Karel Vietsch the European NREN community has lost a knowing and dedicated member.

All honour to his name.


TERENA Blog page in memory of Karel Vietsch

Call for Presentations

The Call for Presentations is now closed.  The Programme Committee thanks all those who have submitted proposals.  Authors will be notified on or about 14 March.

For questions please contact Jacqueline Brown

Side meetings & BoF's

The availability for  co-located meetings and BoF's is now very limited with most rooms and time slots already assigned. If, however, you have a request, please contact Susanne Michelsen  for more information.


Call for Presentations, NORDUnet Conference 2014

The Programme Committee for the 28th NORDUnet Conference invites your presentation proposals for NDN2014.

The NORDUnet 2014 Conference will take place on 23-25 September, 2014, at Uppsala University, Sweden's oldest institution of higher learning. The theme of the conference is Innovation and you can read more about the conference at the website here

NORDUnet 2014 is the Nordic networking meeting place, bringing together the networking and information technology communities from Nordic  universities and NRENs, along with their European and global colleagues. Our aim is to showcase Nordic, European & global collaborations, as  well as future developments, current challenges, and recent results within the topics covered by the conference, which will include keynote talks and invited and submitted talks in track sessions.

 Examples of topics and areas of interest include:

  • Innovation in Networking Technology:  Circuits-on-Demand, Spectrum provisioning, SDN, Transport networks, Virtualisation, Hard to network places (Arctic research, etc),
  • Innovation above the Network Layer:  Trusted cloud brokering, Service portfolio, Identity management, e-infrastructures, Privacy and security
  • Innovation in Big Data: Large-scale infrastructures, Big science support, Sensor networks, Shared research resources, Storage,Virtual organisations,
  • Campus Innovation: Learning management and digital exams, Lecture capturing, Digital assets management, Campus challenges and opportunities, Campus network architecture
  • Innovation in Business Models for R&E Infrastructures: Public-private partnerships, EU 2020.

Submit your abstract of 200-300 words, here.

The proposal deadline is: Friday, 7 February, 2014

For questions, please send mail to Jacqueline Brown.

We look forward to reading your proposals and welcoming you in Uppsala.


SURFnet and NORDUnet give researchers fast access to datasets.


SURFnet and NORDUnet deploy 100G optical network to London for research and education

Utrecht 4. December 2013 – SURFnet and NORDUnet (the network for education and research in the Nordic countries) today deployed an optical network between Amsterdam and London, initially comprising two 100 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) connections. Each organisation now has its own 100G connection to the LINX Internet node in London, with near-infinite upgrade potential. The partners already operate similar optical networks between Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Earlier this year, NORDUnet and SURFnet were part of a group of leading R&E networks that demonstrated an intercontinental 100 Gbps link between Europe and the US.

This latest network deployment by SURFnet and NORDUnet offers yet more proof of the advantages of collaborating in providing state-of-the art technology to the research and education community. Indeed, optical networks provide almost unlimited capacity for research and education compared to traditional network connections.

The connections to London have been implemented as part of a joint effort in which the two partners have pooled resources. As joint owners, SURFnet provided the transmission equipment while NORDUnet furnished the optical fibre. The deployment project was also conducted in collaboration, with staff from both partner organisations working closely together.

“These new connections mean that we can continue to drive the market forward”, said Erik Huizer, SURFnet’s CTO. “At the same time, the new connection boosts the position of the Netherlands as the ‘digital gateway to Europe’. The collaboration with our Nordic colleagues has also enabled us to set up the new connection cost-efficiently.”

“Today’s achievement was the next logical step in executing the NORDUnet global network strategy of providing the best possible network connection to the Nordic R&E community in collaboration with international partners”, added Lars Fischer, CTO of NORDUnet. “It demonstrates once again the power of inter-NREN collaboration, and we are happy to see our long collaboration with SURFnet continue to bring tangible results to the R&E community and beyond.”

The entire press release can be found here

For press inquires please contact: René Buch

GÉANT awarded "Excellent"

NORDUnet is happy to announce that the GN3 project co-funded by the European NRENs and the European Commission under the FP7 programme was rated "Excellent" by the evaluators in the final project review on 28 November 2013.  The project was initiated in April 2009 and ended in September 2013.

NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs have been active participants in the project; involved in preparing the project proposal and provisioning a substantial amount of resources such as both activity and task leaders, and participants to most tasks.

We consider participating in the development of the future network and services for European NRENs an essential activity in providing the best possible network and connections to the Nordic R&E community.

We look forward to continuing this job in the GN3+ project together with our European colleagues.

Maastricht, The Netherlands – June 3, 2013

World's First Intercontinental 100 Gbps Link for Research and Education Successfully Demonstrated at TERENA Networking Conference in The Netherlands

Leaders Enable Transformational Applications To Advance Research and Education and Benefit the Global Economy

Six of the world’s leading research and education (R&E) networks and two commercial partners today demonstrated for the first time a Transatlantic 100 gigabits-per-second (Gbps or one billion bits per second) transmission link for research and education between North America and Europe during the TERENA Networking Conference 2013 (TNC2013), held in Maastricht, The Netherlands. These demonstrations showcased emerging technologies and advanced applications for science, research and education.

The 100 Gbps link, called the Advanced North Atlantic 100G Pilot project (ANA-100G) will be used for engineering and testing the new transmission link, applications, resources, monitoring techniques and advanced technologies such as software-defined networking. The testing will be between as many as four open exchange points, including MAN LAN in New York City and NetherLight in Amsterdam for at least 12 months following the conference. These efforts will determine the operational requirements needed to effectively run 100 Gbps wavelengths between North America and Europe to meet the growing demand of specialized research organizations.

“This achievement shows that research and education networks are at the forefront of innovation, thereby empowering the most advanced research by universities and research institutions worldwide,” said Erwin Bleumink, chief executive officer of SURFnet – the local organizer of TNC2013. “The impact of this development however will also be seen outside academia and help stimulate the global economy.”

The R&E networks participating in the project are Internet2, NORDUnet, ESnet, SURFnet, CANARIE, and GÉANT. Ciena (NASDAQ: CIEN) is also supporting the ANA-100G pilot. Ciena is providing photonic equipment, including the recently released subsea version of the 100 Gbps WaveLogic 3 transponder. Furthermore, Juniper loaned equipment that enables some of the eye-catching demonstrations. The leaders’ announced their intentions for the pilot at the recent Internet2 Annual Meeting .

Demonstrations of the intercontinental 100 Gbps link include big data transfers between Maastricht and Chicago, Illinois taking a few minutes rather than many hours over the public Internet; the “First European ExoGENI at Work” demonstration between the University of Amsterdam and the Renaissance Computing Institute in North Carolina; and "How many modern servers can fill a 100Gbps Transatlantic Circuit?"

Rene Buch, chief executive officer of NORDUnet, stated "The ANA-100G collaboration shows what we can do together in a public-private partnership, which would have been impossible for any single organization to accomplish, especially taking into consideration the short time frame in which we got this first intercontinental 100 Gbps up and running."

The Entire Press Release can be found here.

For press inquires please contact: René Buch

NORDUnet to Help Building the World’s First 100G Intercontinental Transmission Link for the Research and Education Community

WASHINGTON, D.C. – April 24, 2013

Today NORDUnet, Internet2, ESnet, SURFnet, CANARIE and GÉANT - Six of the world’s leading research and education networks today announced their intent to build the world’s first 100 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) intercontinental transmission links for research and education.

Leaders from Internet2 (USA), NORDUnet, (Nordic countries), ESnet (U.S. Department of Energy), SURFnet (Netherlands), CANARIE (Canada), and GÉANT (Europe) made the announcement at the 2013 Internet2 Annual Meeting before 800 technology, education and research leaders.
These pioneers will create a public-private partnership with the commercial sector, such as equipment vendors and carriers active in the North Atlantic, to advance global networks for research and education.

National research and education networks (NRENs) and their constituencies from around the world are invited to participate in the project, titled the “Advanced North Atlantic 100G Pilot” or ANA-100G. The goal is to stimulate the market for 100 Gbps intercontinental networking and to advance global networks and applications to benefit research and education.
In the past year, many NRENs around the world have upgraded to 100 Gbps transmission speeds. But until now, intercontinental network links have not followed suit. ANA-100G will accelerate discovery in data-intensive science disciplines such as high-energy physics, radio astronomy and genomics, as well as spur development of revolutionary new networking applications and architectures.

Today’s announcement comes more than 10 years after the world's advanced research and education networks upgraded to 10G technology. In September 2002, the world's first 10 Gbps link between New York City and Amsterdam was put into production for the iGrid2002 Conference held in Amsterdam.

The six leaders will test the new transmission links, applications, resources, monitoring techniques and advanced technologies such as software-defined networking, between as many as four open exchange points, including MAN LAN in New York City and NetherLight in Amsterdam. These efforts will help determine the operational requirements needed to effectively run 100 Gbps wavelengths between North America and Europe.

NORDUnet CEO René Buch stated:

“Our users want high-performance networks that can support their applications in a seamless way. This first 100G connection between North America and Europe will show that NRENs continue to push the envelope and innovate in close collaboration with strong partners from industry.”

The Entire Press Release can be found here.

For press inquires please contact: René Buch

NeIC2013: Nordic e-Infrastructure Conference, 15-16 May 2013, Trondheim

The first Nordic e-Infrastructure Conference takes place in Trondheim, Norway on 15-16 May 2013, with preceding workshops 13-14 May. It marks the 10-year anniversary of Nordic collaboration in computing and storage services for science. The aim of the conference is to couple Nordic user communities with the skill base that exists within the national e-Infrastructure organizations, to develop ideas, and to elicit the opportunities for cost-efficient common solutions and joint e-Infrastructure services.

The First Nordic e-Infrastructure Conference will be hosted by the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC), UNINETT Sigma and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), in collaboration with NORDUnet, the Danish e-Infrastructure Collaboration (DeIC), CSC – IT Center for Science (Finland), the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) and RHNET (Iceland).

For registration and more information, please go to www.neic2013.no

NORDUnet hosting GÉANT JRA1 Technical Workshop

On 20-21 November Network Transport specialists from all over Europe come to Copenhagen to discuss trends in network transport technology and the impact on research and education networking. A technical workshop organized by the GÉANT "Future Networks" joint research activity (JRA1) sets the framework for these discussions. The GN3 project has been making great advances in researching transport technologies, and GÉANT and the European NRENs have deployed new transport technologies over the past 4 years. The upcoming end of GN3 and the start of the GN3+ project offer an opportunity to do status and discuss plans for the future.

The agenda for the workshop is here

Streaming of presentation is available from the NORDUnet streaming service

SUNET launches national eduroam mobility

600,000 students and researchers in Sweden go mobile with eduroam and The Cloud.

The Swedish education and research network SUNET and The Cloud have entered a partnership that gives researchers, students and staff at Sweden´s universities and university colleges access to wireless Internet connection off-campus vith eduroam authentication on The Cloud´s 4,500 or so access points in Sweden.

More information available at SUNET

Wide range of topics at day 2 of the NORDUnet conference 2012

The city of Oslo welcomed the 200 NORDUnet participants at the beautiful City Hall Tuesday evening. Fine architecture, impressive murals, Spanish tapas and chilled refreshments all created a perfect venue for the opening reception and some informal social networking.
Wednesday morning the plenary session made room for some futuristic perspectives on the NRENs and their services. Geoff Huston talked about the need for more than just one internet protocol, and illustrated his many points by specific statistics and more personal experiences. According to the audience’s feedback, his lecture had some humorous aspects, as well.  
Lars -Johan Limann proceeded with a few reflections on whether or not the internet as such can be considered as infrastructure. Liman’s conclusion was that yes, the internet is indeed crucial infrastructure. Thus, his main message to the NRENs was that they must recognize that they are in fact building common infrastructure, and that this implies quite a bit of responsibility in most ICT fields.
Some key words for the three parallel tracks were; infrastructure construction under extreme climate conditions, wireless connectivity for education, network monitoring, etc. The so-called “lightning talks” session covered a wide range of more experimental services and ideas, each of which was presented in maximum 3 minutes! 
Several presenters have stressed the point that NRENs should cooperate rather than compete with commercial network providers. No matter what the conclusion are, the NORDUnet conference brings evidence of vast developments within each of the NRENs, but also of how most activities are internationally and closely intertwined on different levels. 

Meet the future NRENS at the NORDUnet conference 2012

The NORDUnet conference 2012 opened today in Oslo, Norway with about 200 participants from the international networking community, especially the Nordic NRENs and universities. 
The conference was opened by Petter Kongshaug, chairman of the NORDUnet board and CEO at UNINETT. 
Last time UNINETT was hosting the NORDUnet conference it marked the opening of the sea cable between mainland Norway and Svalbard. This year the conference marked the commissioning of 100 gigabit connection between Trondheim and Oslo.
Afterwards the local host, Deputy CEO Torbjørn Eeg Larsen from University of Oslo and Akershus presented the university network and ICT strategy. Followed by a presentation from Roshene McCool on the network requirements from the largest radio telescope in the world – the Square Kilometer Array.
The opening session ended with CEO Rene Buch, NORDUnet presenting the challenging facing the NRENs toward 2020, and an idea of how this will affect the way the NRENs look by then.
Follow the live streaming: https://nordunet.tv/2012/ or on Twitter #NDN2012

Register for the NORDUnet Conference 2012.

The 27th NORDUnet Conference in Oslo, Norway, 18-20 September. This year’s conference is hosted by UNINETT and NORDUnet liaising with the Oslo and Akershus university college of applied sciences that also offers the venue for the event.Overall the conference focuses on Nordic and North-Atlantic collaboration with emphasis on current challenges and future technologies. Plenary sessions paint the broader picture, three parallel tracks on technology, services and applications explore in-depth topics, and lightning talks and BoFs inspire debate and discussion.

The Programme
The programme offers a variety of topics that are on today’s agenda of the networking community:

  • New technologies: Future Networks, Virtualization, Mobility, Bandwidth-on-Demand
  • Campus & Researcher: Campus Networking, User Communities, Identity, Collaborative Tools
  • Rising Demand: Demanding Applications, Data Deluges, Storage, Clouds
  • Putting It All Together:Operations, Security, Green IT, Social Impact

While the NORDUnet conference is the Nordic meeting place with speakers such as Eva Stensköld from Sweden talking in the Data Sharing Strategies session, Koenraad de Smedt of Norway sharing his views in the Data Deluges session, and Juha Oinonen of Finland offering his thoughts in the Regional Networking session speakers also come from many European countries as well as the US and from as far as Korea.

Normal fee expires 1 September
Be sure to register before 1 September to get the normal fee. 
For registration and more information, go to the NORDUnet 2012 web pages.

Nordic NREN community IaaS workshop, Copenhagen, September 12, 2012

Location: NORDUnet office, Kastruplundgade 22, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark - Time: 10:00 – 16:00 CET_

IaaS - A service provided by a company, group, community, or government that provides basic computing, networking, data storage, and virtualized operating system hosting.


With in the Nordic research and higher education community there is a growing interest in using cloud services as part of research and to support the day-to-day operational needs for universities and other higher education institutions.

There is a concern with using commercial cloud service offerings due to the sensitive nature of some of the data sets but also due to the complication of complying with the data protection laws in the different countries.

 The NRENs have an existing national network infrastructure and a pan Nordic infrastructure via NORDUnet, which can connect all institutions with out traversing the public Internet.


The scope of the workshop is to identify the potential for providing a pan Nordic IaaS ”cloud” service offering for the Nordic NREN connected community. The aim is to have at least one data center per country to allow for having data stored within country, but also to have a cross border service offering for redundancy and services where it isn’t necessary to retain the data within the country, but where it is still kept within a closed network environment, not traversing the public internet.

Target group

The target participation of the workshop is the Nordic NREN’s and other organizations and institutions that the NREN’s believe can provide hosting or data center resources to support such a service.


Presentation from vendors that provide ”turn key” software solutions that can package IaaS, including provisioning front-end, billing and all other elements of such a service. 

Discussion on the feasibility and interest for setting up a pan Nordic service for the NREN connected community.


For registration please send a mail to IaaSworkshop@nordu.net with your contact details and include any requirements for accommodation or special diet considerations.

NorthernLight Open Lightpath Exchange in London

NORDUnet has extended the NortherLight Open Lightpath Exchange with a facility in London to provide OLE acces to Nordic and North Atlantic R&E resources, including the North Atlantic Green Computing Facilities on Iceland.

The NorthernLight OLE facility in London is operational and is interconnected with NortherLight facilities in Nordic countries through the high performance NORDUnet backbone.

NORDUnet strongly supports Open Lightpath Exchange technologies and the GLIF AutoGOLE experimental facility for Bandwidth-on-Demand, based on the emerging Open Grid Forum NSI protocol standards framework.

The NorthernLight London facility is predominantly meant to support experimental projects, such as the further development of the NSI protocols, the OpenNSA NSI Network Services Agent open source implementation, and the AutoGOLE fabric.

The NortherLight London facility is installed at the NORDUnet London PoP. It offers 1 Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet access, and is readily reachable from other London-based R&E network facilities. NORDUnet welcomes partners and collaborators to connect to the facility. It is expected that the facility will be interconnected with a GÉANT Open Lightpath Exchange in London once it becomes available.

NORDUnet launches peering service

Copenhagen, Denmark - May 11'th. 2012,

The NORDUnet Community Peering Service provides the European Research and Education Networking
community with a neutral, high quality, IP service towards the commodity internet, content- and cloud providers.

Built on the fully redundant NORDUnet IP backbone and the NORDUnet peering fabric the service is optimized for the
unlimited capacity, quality and speed required tosupport NREN needs for access to top content providers and cloud services.

The service is based on the NORDUnet IP backbone, the NORDUnet peering network, and the NORDUnet up-stream Global Transit,
and is available at the NORDUnet locations in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, and Stockholm.

For more information, download the service description.
or contact: info@nordu.net

Merger of data storage, processing power and network connections to strengthen Danish research

Danish Center for Scientific Computing (DCSC) and the Danish research network Forskningsnettet has merged into Danish e‐infrastructure Cooperation (DeIC). This has been done in order to strengthen the Danish effort in the e‐science area, and thereby ensuring Danish research prominence internationally.

In all areas of modern research there is a need to collect, process and calculate data. An essential prerequisite when supporting this kind of research, – “e‐science” is networking, computers and data storage capacity.

The merger of DCSC (responsible for the provision of computing and data storage for Danish research groups) and Forskningsnettet (delivering high‐capacity Internet connections to universities and research institutions) will establish an organization with the necessary technology and capabilities needed to ensure the e‐infrastructure to support Danish e‐science in the future.
In addition to continuing existing services from the two organizations, DeIC will initiate and develop new services to enhance the use of e‐science in Denmark. DeIC will be responsible for ensuring that Danish research continues to have access to an e‐infrastructure that meets the highest international standards.

Read the rest of the press release on Forskningsnettets website

NORDUnet is now present at the NOTA & Equinix Internet eXchange point in Miami, Chicago and Palo Alto

Copenhagen, Denmark - April 16'th. 2012

NORDUnet is proud to announce that, as part of the continued expansion of its peering infrastructure in the United States, NORDUnet is now present at the NOTA Internet eXchange point in Miami and at the Equinix Internet eXchange points in Chicago and Palo Alto

NORDUnet is present at the following Internet eXchange Points:

  • AMS-IX in Amsterdam
  • DE-CIX in Frankfurt
  • DIX in Copenhagen
  • Equinix in Ashburn (Washington D.C.)
  • Equinix in Chicago (IL)
  • Equinix in Palo Alto (CA)
  • LINX in London
  • NETNOD in Stockholm
  • NIX in Oslo
  • NOTA in Miami
  • NYIIX in New York
  • RIX in Reykjavik

NORDUnet plans to continue expanding it's public peering presence, as part of an expansive public peering strategy, to secure the best possible commodity internet service for the Nordic research and educational networks.

You can follow the peering traffic at the NORDUnet Load Plot Page and you can find *NORDUnet's Peering Policy here*.

Peering requests can be sent to NORDUpeering

NORDUnet 2012 Conference - Call for presentations

Dear Colleagues,

The Programme Committee for NORDUnet 2012 invites you to propose presentations for the 27th NORDUnet conference.

NORDUnet 2012 is the Nordic networking meeting place, bringing together the networking community from Nordic universities and NRENs, along with their European and global colleagues. Our aim is to showcase Nordic, European & global collaborations, as well as future developments, current challenges and recent results within the topics and areas covered by the conference.

The NORDUnet 2012 Conference will take place in Oslo, Norway, on 18-20 September, 2012. The conference will focus on collaboration, collaborative technology, and collaborative projects, with special focus on Nordic collaboration. It will have three tracks: technical, services, and users & applications.

The conference programme will be made up of keynote talks, invited and submitted presentations. The program committee invites talks on technical developments, new services, advanced applications of research and education networks. Examples of topics and areas of interest:

• New technologies - Future Networks, Virtualization, Mobility, Bandwidth-on-Demand
• Campus & Researcher - Campus Networking, User Communities, Identity, Collaborative Tools
• Rising Demand - Demanding Applications, Data Deluges, Storage, Clouds
• Putting It All Together - Operations, Security, Green IT, Social Impact

Call for presentations has been closed

For questions, please send mail to Jacqueline Brown, jbrown@nordu.net

Vidar Faltinsen
Chair of the NDN2012 Programme Committee

Visit the Conference website: http://www.nordu.net/conference

NORDUnet is now present at DE-CIX (Frankfurt, Germany)

Copenhagen, Denmark - December 16'th. 2011

NORDUnet is proud to announce its presence at DE-CIX in Frankfurt.

NORDUnet is present at the following Internet eXchange Points:

  • AMS-IX in Amsterdam
  • DE-CIX in Frankfurt
  • DIX in Copenhagen
  • Equinix in Ashburn (Washington D.C.)
  • LINX in London
  • NETNOD in Stockholm
  • NIX in Oslo
  • NYIIX in New York
  • RIX in Reykjavik

NORDUnet plans to continue expanding it's public peering presence which is part of an expansive public peering strategy, to secure the best possible commodity internet service for the Nordic research and educational networks.

You can follow the peering traffic at the NORDUnet Load Plot Page and you can find *NORDUnet's Peering Policy here*.

Peering requests can be sent to NORDUpeering

Copenhagen, November 15th. 2011

NORDUnet and partners demonstrate OpenNSA - On Demand circuit provision - at Supercomputing 2011

Today NORDUnet and a number of NORDUnet friends and partners demonstrate the On Demand Circuit Provisioning Service Architecture base on the Network Service Interface specification at Supercomputing 2011 in Seattle.

This is giant leap forward for the NREN community's effort en advance and rapid network provisioning over a federated global network Infrastructure that spans across the panet from Japen to Europe involving a large amount of partners:

You can read more about the Demostration and the setup here

You can follow the Demo setup here

NORDUnet complete 2011 Network expansion by taking a third connection to the US in production

Copenhagen, Denmark - October 5th. 2011

By taking another 10Gbps connection to the US in to production NORDUnet completes the 2011 network expansion. This new connection between Ashburn and London complemets the already existing connections from New York to Amsterdam and Reykjavik.
Other elements in the 2011 plan included upgrading the European network ring traversing Amsterdam and London to 20Gpbs, as well as upgrading several NREN network connections. The NORDUnet peering footprint was also expanded as part of the plan.

NORDUnet is connected at the following Internet eXchange points.

  • AMS-IX in Amsterdam
  • DIX in Copenhagen
  • LINX in London
  • NETNOD in Stockholm
  • NIX in Oslo
  • NYIIX in New York
  • RIX in Reykjavik
  • Equinix in Ashburn

NORDUnet plans to continue expanding it's public peering presence which is part of an expansive public peering strategy, to secure the best possible commodity internet service for the Nordic research and educational networks.

You can follow the peering traffic at the NORDUnet Load Plot Page and you can find *NORDUnet's Peering Policy here*.

Peering requests can be sent to NORDUpeering

EC GEANT Expert Group Releases report on "Knowledge without Borders - GÉANT 2020"

Copenhagen, Denmark - October 4th. 2011

Today at an event at the EU Commission in Brussels the report from the GEANT Expert Group "Knowledge without Borders - GÉANT 2020|^GEG_Knowledge without Borders - GÉANT 2020.pdf|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||\" was presented to EU Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes.

The GEANT Expert Group's mandate from the Eu Commission was to:

"The GÉANT Expert Group (GEG) will articulate a 2020 vision for European Research and Education
networking and will identify an action plan for realising this vision. The report is expected to exercise a
strong influence in EU policy in the area, and it will feed into the 2012-2013 FP7 work programme for
Research Infrastructures and into the FP8 preparations."

The GEANT Expert Group has received input from stakeholders within the NREN Community including NORDUnet's 2020 Inspirations Paper as well as industry partners and user communities. A full list of contributors can be found on page 51 of the report.

The full press release can be found here.

The Term of Reference for the GEANT Expert Group can be found here.

Pictures from event can be found here

NORDUnet is now present at Equinix Ashburn (Washington D.C.)

Copenhagen, Denmark - June 20'th. 2011

NORDUnet is proud to announce its presence at Equinix Ashburn.

NORDUnet is also present at the following Internet eXchange Points:

  • AMS-IX in Amsterdam
  • DIX in Copenhagen
  • LINX in London
  • NETNOD in Stockholm
  • NIX in Oslo
  • NYIIX in New York
  • RIX in Reykjavik

NORDUnet plans to continue expanding it's public peering presence which is part of an expansive public peering strategy, to secure the best possible commodity internet service for the Nordic research and educational networks.

You can follow the peering traffic at the NORDUnet Load Plot Page and you can find *NORDUnet's Peering Policy here*.

Peering requests can be sent to NORDUpeering

SURFnet and NORDUnet collaborate to create an international, multi-domain 40Gb/s Alien Wave network over more than 4300km

Copenhagen, Denmark - May 23'rd. 2011

SURFnet, Ciena, NORDUnet, Mellanox, Telindus-ISIT, CERN and the University of Amsterdam demonstrated a collaborative experiment that produced a high-speed, ultra long-haul 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40GbE) network to demonstrate capabilities of 40G Ultra Long Haul technology for terrestrial applications and over multi-vendor DWDM networks.

The demo was shown for the first time at the TERENA Networking Conference (TNC) 2011 in Prague. The organizations came together to create a 40 Gbps long-haul optical service across 4300 kilometres of fiber via the SURFnet and NORDUnet networks, including an unregenerated ultra long-haul section over 2700km between CERN in Geneva and the University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This 40Gb/s ULH technology allows SURFnet and NORDUnet to groom their network for a future in which they continue to be an enabler not only for local, regional and national but also for wide area international research collaboration through the support of high-performance data distribution, next-generation video and data processing.

You can find the full press release here.

You can find the Demonstration Data Here

NORDUnet Publish the NREN 2020 Inspiration paper.

Copenhagen, Denmark - April 4'th. 2011

I relation to the on going discussions about the role of NREN's in 2020 NORDUnet have now published the "NORDUnet NREN 2020 Inspiration Paper"

NORDUnet History - Now available in ePUB Format

Copenhagen, Denmark - December 1'st. 2010

The book about the first 25 years of NORDUnet history is now available for download in ePUB Format.

The Book will also shortly be available as free book on major internet bookstores.

NORDUnet is now present at NYIIX (New York)

Copenhagen, Denmark - April 20'th. 2010

NORDUnet is proud to announce its presence at NYIIX.

NORDUnet is also present at the following Internet eXchange Points:

  • NETNOD in Stockholm
  • AMS-IX in Amsterdam
  • DIX in Copenhagen
  • NIX in Oslo
  • LINX in London

NORDUnet plans to continue expanding it's public peering presence which is part of an expansive public peering strategy, to secure the best possible commodity internet service for the Nordic research and educational networks.

You can follow the peering traffic at the NORDUnet Load Plot Page and you can find *NORDUnet's Peering Policy here*.

Peering requests can be sent to NORDUpeering

NORDUnet MPLS workshop

Copenhagen, Denmark - April 20'th. 2010

NORDUnet would like to invite the nordic NREN community to a MPLS workshop aimed at network engineers. The goal of the workshop is to raise the awareness about using MPLS in IP networks and to increase collaboration between senior network engineers in the nordic research networks.

The focus will be to give practical knowledge of MPLS configurations in IP networks. The majority of the workshop is formed as a tutorial with mixed theory and practical configurations using the NUNOC experimental network. The lab consists of Juniper routers.

MPLS L2VPN and VPLS configuration will be presented with labs about using MPLS for transit, MPLS pseudo-wire, MPLS/BGP L3VPN, traffic engineering, fast re-route, traffic shaping, etc.

The workshop will take place at the NORDUnet premises in Stockholm, May 18 - 20.


Copenhagen, Denmark - December 4th. 2009

NORDUnet, a joint collaboration by the five Nordic National Research and Education Networks, CANARIE, Canada's Advanced Research and Innovation Network and the NSF GLORIAD Project, are pleased to announce their new strategic partnership in the IceLink Project

IceLink will establish a high-capacity circuit in the northern polar regions through Iceland and Greenland, linking the US, Canada, and the five Nordic countries. IceLink will provide researchers with efficient data transfer capacity on one of the most advanced networks in the world and give Iceland a long-awaited high capacity network connection. It also paves the way for additional connectivity to Greenland and The Farao Island with a capacity that, until now, was uncommon to this region.

IceLink will connect the CANARIE Network to Europe through a new submarine cable traversing Greenland with a strategic connection point in Reykjavik, Iceland. The new capacity will provide CANARIE with a much-needed redundant path to Europe through a northern connection. Prior to IceLink, CANARIE's only link to Europe was via a connection originating in New York.

Full Press Release can be found here or downloaded as PDF


Copenhagen, Denmark - December 1st. 2009

National Research and Education Networks interconnect with the GÉANT network to enable faster and closer collaboration for 40 million users

Tomorrow's Internet will be shaped by the networking innovation and advanced user services being introduced as part of the third generation of the successful GÉANT project, officially announced today at its Launch Event in Stockholm, Sweden. The project, which will run to 2013, has recently been awarded funding of €93 million from the European Commission (EC) under the EU's 7th Framework Programme, and a matching amount from Europe's National Research and Education Networks (NRENs).

GÉANT is the dedicated high-bandwidth pan-European network at the core of the project, that provides advanced interconnectivity between Europe's NRENs through 50,000 kilometres of mostly optical fibre. As a result, nearly 40 million research and education users in over 8,000 institutions can have the capability to share vast quantities of data, and collaborate across multiple disciplines throughout Europe and beyond.

The Nordic countries is connected to GEANT3 through NORDUnet

Full Press Release can be found here or downloaded as PDF

NORDUnet brings 40 Gbit backbone in to operation

Copenhagen, Denmark - September 16th 2009

Alcatel-Lucent and IPNETT has completed the 40 Gbit/s upgrade of the first link of NORDUnet's optical and IP transport network, which provides the Nordic infrastructure for research and education. Preparing the move to 100 Gbit/s, this network upgrade will further support new application enablement for universities and scientists in the Nordics and strengthen international collaborative environment. The new 40 Gbit/s per channel technology utilises the existing network capabilities that allow for up to 96 parallel channels on a single fiber pair.

The full text of the press release can be viewed here or in pdf format

NORDUnet Strategy 2009-2012

The NORDUnet Board has during a series of Board meeting discussed and agreed on a NORDUnet Strategy for the Period 2009-2012.

You can find the NORDUnet Strategy Page here.

The 25th NORDUnet Conference is in Copenhagen is finished. See you next time in for the 26'th NORDUnet conference, April 2011 in Reykjavik, Iceland

You can watch webcast of the main track here and fine the conference program and presentations here

The NORDUnet Conference was sponsoret by NORDUnet, Forskningsnettet, UNI-C, NDGF, Alcatel Lucent and Global Connect.

NORDUnet Core IP backbone to be upgraded to 40Gb/s

Copenhagen, May 28th 2009.
IPnett has won the contract for building out and upgrading the NORDUnet IP core network. The contract includes an upgrade to 40Gb/s core links and makes NORDUnet ready for 100Gb/s. To facilitate this NORDUnet invest in an upgrade of current Juniper Networks T-640 routers to T-1600 core routers as well as the Juniper Networks MX-480 Series routers for the build out of the network from IPnett. The framework agreement includes a multi-year service and support agreement.

The full press release can be read here

NORDUnet is now present at LINX (London Internet eXchange)

Copenhagen, April 14'th. 2009

NORDUnet is now connected to the London INternet eXchange Point (LINX).

NORDUnet is also present at:

  • NETNOD in Stockholm
  • AMS-IX in Amsterdam
  • DIX in Copenhagen
  • NIX in Oslo

NORDUnet plans to continue expanding it's public peering presence, to also include peering at overseas locations. This is part of an expansive public peering strategy, to secure the best possible commodity internet service at the optimum cost for the Nordic research and educational networks.

In addition to peerings at internet exchange points, NORDUnet operate a number of private peerings, securing superior quality to NORDUnets nordic customers at the lowest possible cost.
The private peerings include major global and regional cooperations and content providers like Google.

You can follow the peering traffic at the NORDUnet Load Plot Page and you can find NORDUnet's Policy here. Peering requests can be sent to NORDUpeering

NORDUnet is now present on NIX and DIX (Nordic Internet eXchange Points)

Copenhagen, March 3rd. 2009

Continuing our efforts to improve network connectivity and reduce cost, NORDUnet has now connected to the Danish Internet eXchangepoint (DIX) and the Norwegian Internet eXchange (NIX). The first peering on DIX came live the 20th of February 2009 and the first on NIX the 23rd of February 2009.

NORDUnet is also present at the NETNOD internet exchange in Stockholm and on AMS-IX in Amsterdam; NORDUnet plans to continue expanding it's peering presence.

In addition to peerings at internet exchange points, NORDUnet operate a number of private peerings, securing superior quality to NORDUnets nordic customers at the lowest possible cost.

You can follow the peering traffic at the NORDUnet Load Plot Page and you can find NORDUnet's Policy here. Peering requests can be sent to NORDUpeering

NORDUnet Public Presentation Library

Presentations given by NORDUnet staff and essential presentation that NORDUnet staff ensounters is available at the NORDUnet Public Presentation Library.


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