NORDUnet NOX - NorthernLight Optical Exchange

NorthernLight Optical Exchange is the GLIF Open Lightpath Exchange (GOLE) in the Nordic region and has been operational since April 2007. It is an advanced open distributed optical infrastructure providing seamless, high-performance capacity based on NortherenLight's exceptionally resilient network with point of presence in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Hamburg and additionally access via partners.

NorthernLight Optical Exchange provides a range of transport services to complement customers own infrastructure, or allows customers to build or extend their own Nordic network proving ground for network services optimized for high-performance applications, especially those that require grid infrastructure.

Whatever customer requirements, NorthernLight Optical Exchange ensures high-quality service and connectivity throughout the Nordic region and to international facilities. Northern Light Optical Exchange Service is outlined below.
NorthernLight Optical Exchange is based on state of the art Alcatel-Lucent 1850 transport nodes which are interconnected via NORDUnet's world class pure optical network based on Alcatel-Lucent sophisticated Tuneable-ROADM 1626 LM and dark fiber delivered by Global Crossing and Telenor.

The NorthernLight Optical Exchange architecture interconnects multiple lambdas and LightPaths between Nordic and international network facilities. It is specifically designed and built to carry and switch transport technologies like OTN, SDH, Ethernet and in a near future TMPLS. The meshed and diversified network has the built-in redundancy that is necessary to carry business critical traffic. As NORDUnet control and manage the network on every level - from the duct to the fibre to the transport layer - customers can be assured that NORDUnet have tight control over operational and maintenance without compromising quality.

NorthernLight Optical Exchange provides multiple specialized international high-performance communication services in partnership with other advanced research networks. By pioneering new technologies and service concepts together with NORDUnet's suppliers, NORDUnet are continuously evaluating and upgrading the underlying infrastructure and hardware in order to deliver state of the art service.

From NORDUnet's international 24/7 Network Operation Centre NUNOC the NorthernLight Optical Exchange services is remotely set up and managed ensuring timely deliveries and the highest levels of availability. As business and research projects needs to evolve, destinations can be easily added or upgraded to meet future requirements.

NORDUnet is able to supervise their entire network using powerful Network Management solutions with flexible and scalable architecture.

Currently, visualisation and user controlled LightPath technology for NorthernLight Optical Exchange is under investigation. This work is done with the multi-domain environment in mind as much as possible, and in close contact with leading projects worldwide, paving the way to user provisioned LightPaths.

If you are interested in NorthernLight Optical Exchange or would like to make use of the facility, please contact Tony Breach her at NORDUnet.