NORDUnet WIFI Community Meeting on 15 December

NORDUnet will be hosting a WIFI Community meeting on 15 December, at Hotel Birger Jarl in Stockholm. The aim of the meeting is to present various ways of monitoring and detecting performance degradations on large scale WIFI installations. The meeting will present two different methods to monitor WIFI networks:

  • Static HW probes which will be presented by UNINETT (Arne Øslebø)
  • Crowdsourced SW probes which will be presented by HEANet/GÉANT (Dave Wilson/James Healy)

In addition, the agenda for the community meeting includes the following topics:

  • Background and Reasoning
  • Architecture / Road Map
  • Hands on installations - Demo
  • Collaborations and further steps

As part of the above presentations hands on instructions will be given with the aim that participating institutions may pilot the above tools in their own environment.

For more details about the agenda and the event as a whole please visit the event website.

The event is open to colleges/universities/nrens  in the NORDICs that operate major WIFI installations.