Cryptech news revealed at TNC2016

The CrypTech project, hosted by NORDUnet, is developing an open source hardware cryptographic engine.  

Leif Johansson, member of the CTO team of Swedish Sunet, presented the project at TNC2016, and he had news for his listeners. Not only has CrypTech now raised 1 mio. $ in funding from various sources. More importantly, a first version of the CrypTech Hardware Security Module is ready for release. A select crowd will be able to purchase a small batch of the HSM for testing by early fall. Leif Johansson even presented a price tag, approx. 800 dollars.

But still, as Leif pointed out, one or two iterations remain, before the HSM will be fully functional. Nevertheless The CrypTech project has realised what it set out to do: developing a Hardware Security Management device on an open source basis. According to Leif, commercial actors will soon have the possibility to turn the CrypTech blueprint into a commercial product.

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