Lectures everywhere anytime – except Sunday morning

In her presentation at the TNC2016 Advanced Video Application session Ingrid Melve from Norwegian UNINETT revealed some interesting statistics. Statistics from UNINETTs eCampus Norway program show that Norwegian students study around the clock, day and night, seven days a week. The only significant exception is Sunday morning. Whether they are going to church or just staying in bed, Ingrid Melve couldn’t tell us. But the numbers clearly prove, that there is a huge demand for video for academic learning.

UNINETT has since 2012 been building a national infrastructure for academic video, funded by the Ministry of Research and Education through the eCampus program, a national effort to digitize higher education. Two academic video services are in use, a low-cost service with limited functionality and an end-to-end system covering every aspect of video presentations. Since launch there has been a tremendous growth in uptake for both systems. For each video, downloads range from 20 to 600, depending on the number of students.

According to Ingrid Melve, the succes of video in higher education in Norway comes from the close collaboration between universities and NREN, significantly reducing costs and supplying efficient infrastructure and easy-to-use systems with a low entry level. Also, as Ingrid Melve pointed out, it’s essential to collaborate, share skills and learn from each other.

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