Arctic Connect R&E Position Paper published

Arctic Connect R&E is a Northern European initiative to acquire a dedicated fiber pair through the Arctic, on the planned Arctic Connect Subsea Cable System (ACSC), bringing substantially better connectivity to the Research, Development, Innovation (RDI), and Education sectors between Europe and Asia and North America.

Arctic Connect R&E will be the first cable system between Europe, Asia, and North America taking this shorter route through the Arctic Ocean. Major European involvement in the ACSC project will substantially strengthen European digital sovereignty. Arctic Connect R&E will be among the first intercontinental fiber pairs in history owned and managed by the research and education communities, adding huge benefits in terms of both cost, bandwidth, latency, and resilience.

Arctic Connect R&E will be a strategic investment into fundamental digital infrastructure that will support and advance regional development of the Nordics and Northern Europe. Additionally, it will connect all of the European R&E networks and thus support European RDI & Education sectors and it will contribute to European recovery.

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