KAUST to dramatically upgrade connection to NORDUnet

NORDUnet has for some years been exchanging traffic with KAUST - the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology of Saudi Arabia - through a 10 Gbps connection between Amsterdam and KAUST. This connection is set to be dramatically upgraded.

KAUST is deploying a total of 400 Gbps inter-continental connectivity, 200 Gbps between Saudia Arabia and Amsterdam and 200 Gbps between Saudi Arabia and Singapore, enabling researchers to collaborate with their international peers in both Europe, Asia and the US at very high speeds. With these new links, KAUST will have high-speed, direct peerings with SURF, NORDUnet, and GEANT research and education networks in Europe as well as the SingAREN network in Singapore, and these interconnects provide KAUST researchers with fast and reliable access to resources in Europe and Asia as well as the U.S.

NORDUnet congratulates KAUST on this significant project and the transformation of the scientific landscape, and welcome their researchers into the Nordic research and education network.

You can learn more here about this upgrade.