Nordic Engagement at TNC21

Two “birds of a feather” sessions at this years’ "TNC" event for the research and education networks of Europe, the TNC21, will have Nordic moderators.

The proverb “birds of a feather flock together” implies that people having similar taste tend to enjoy each other’s company. And this is exactly the idea behind a series of sessions at the annual flagship event held by European R&E network association GÉANT, the TNC.

Of the nine Bird of a Feather (BoF) events at the TNC21, two are moderated by Nordic representatives. Optical networking expert Kurosh Bozorgebrahimi of Norwegian NREN Uninett will moderate the BoF on procurement of network equipment for R&E together with Guy Roberts of GÉANT, while Strategy & Policy Officer Erik-Jan Bos of NORDUnet will moderate the BoF on routing anomalies in the global research and education network (GREN) with Ed Moynihan of Indiana University. The latter topic will also be the headline for a soon-to-start working group under the The Global Network Advancement Group (GNA-G).

Without any attempts to appear modest, the organizers describe the TNC as “GÉANT’s flagship event, the largest and most prestigious Research & Education networking conference”. The TNC21 is held as an online event June 21-25, with conference coordination from the NREN of UK, Jisc.

The two BoF events with Nordic moderators are both held at the final day of the conference, Friday June 25. 

Learn more about the BoFs and the programme.