NORDUnet Partner in NSF-funded NEA3R Project

NORDUnet has joined global partners in a project to expand and support international research between Europe, America, Africa, and the Arctic region. The NEA3R project, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the US and led by Indiana University, co-led by NORDUnet, GÉANT, and the UbuntuNet Alliance, will further expand network resources between America, Europe and Africa, as well support for research in the Arctic region. Research is increasingly global, with research collaborations across all continents. With NEA3R, a global partnership of network providers respond to the challenge of supporting global research. 

The project will work closely with other global projects such as the Advanced North-Atlantic Network (ANA) collaboration, of which NORDUnet is a founding member, and will be supported by a number of global partners. The project will work to support researchers and research communities from a wide range of disciplines, and will offer network measurement and analytics critical to indentify and support large data flows for data-intensive sciences. The NEA3R project is about more that just adding network bandwidth; the objective is to facilitate the optimal use of the high-speed networking and maximise the benefit for global research communities.  

On the project, NORDUnet CEO René Buch says about NEA3R: "I am excited that the NSF has decided to fund the NEA3R Project. This will help further enhance the resilience and bandwidth between the U.S. and Europe for research and education. Indiana University's wish to work in close collaboration with the Advanced North Atlantic partners will make it possible for the NEA3R project to add to a sustainable system that will benefit many vital science projects, including the ones that help fight the current COVID-19 pandemic."

Read more about NEA3R in this announcement.