GN3+ (2013-2015)

NORDUnet participation

NORDUnet has participated in the GN3+ project on behalf of the Nordic countries. NORDUnet represented the Nordic NRENs in the GN3+ governing bodies, and connected the Nordic NREN networks to the GÉANT network.   Likewise NORDUnet contributed to the GÉANT cost-sharing and provided staff resources to a large number of GN3+ activities.   The NORDUnet staff contribution has come from both NORDUnet itself, from the Nordic NRENs, and from research institutions in the Nordic countries.   As result staff from all the Nordic NRENs were active in GN3+ activites,  wearing a NORDUnet "hat".

NORDUnet contributed to a large number of activities, including roaming and mobility, federated identity, multi-domain network serivces, bandwidth-on-demand, testbed as a service, cloud services and service brokering, and campus best practices.  NORDUnet was one of the GN3+ partners with the largest staff contribution with a total of about 26 person-years, of which 50% come from NORDUnet itself and 50% from the Nordic NRENs.

About GN3+

GN3+ was the 2013-2015 instance of the EU-funded project in support of operating the GÉANT network and services, and of the range of development activities meant to promote and further develop the GÉANT network and the GÉANT service portfolio end technologies.

The GN3+ project consortium counted 41 members, all of which were European R&E networks. The project was funded by the EC and participating R&E networks.  The main objective of GN3+ was to continue the success of the GÉANT services, and to prepare GÉANT for the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.  Key elements of the project were to operate the pan-European network and related services, roaming services such as eduroam, identity inter-federation eduGAIN, and to further development these and other technologies and services.


The total budget of the project amounted to € 73 million over two years, of which € 39 million was funded by the European Commission.  A large part of the budget covered transmission lines, equipment, and operations of the pan-European network infrastructure.  The work program of the project came to a total of 333 person-years over a two year period. Each project partner contributed financially to the project by a subscription for core network connectivity.  The contribution was calculated by a cost sharing model that took into account parameters such as the cost of service, the network capacity, and the GDP of the country or region.


GN3+ took off on 1 April 2013, and has run until 1 May 2015.   WIthin this two-year framework, each activity and task included a series of milestones and deliveries.  

Over the course of GN3+, the European R&E networks have evolved the strategy and structure of GN4, the next project in support of the GÉANT network and services. 


GN3+ has encompassed three types of activities:

  • Networking Activities (NAs) support all GN3+ activities with the full extent of both internal and external communications, promotion, international liaison and business development.
  • Service Activities (SAs) develop and supply the GÉANT services to the research and education community.
  • Joint Research Activities (JRAs) are targeted at critical analyses of future network and application technologies with a view to future deployment of emerging technologies across the network and services.

These activities together operated the GÉANT network and services and pursued both short- and long-term development objectives.

JRA1: Network Architectures for Horizon 2020 SA1: Core Backbone Services
SA2: Testbeds as a Service
JRA2: Technology Testing for Specific Service Applications SA3: Network Service Delivery
SA4: Network Support Services
JRA3: Identity & Trust Technologies for GÉANT Services SA5: Application Services
SA7: Support to Clouds
SA6: Service Management & Operation
NA1: Management NA2: Communications & Promotion NA3: Status & Trends NA4: International & Business Development

For more information of the specifics of the GÉANT activities, see the GÉANT website.