GNA - Globally Connecting Science, Research & Education

NORDUnet and Nordic R&E Networks (UNINETT, SUNET, Funet, DeIC, and RHnet), participate in the Global Network Architecture (GNA) initiative. GNA is defining a reference architecture and creating a roadmap for both national and regional research & education networks to more seamlessly support research on an end-to-end basis. Ultimately, this effort will establish a more capable, predictable and resilient next-generation global interconnect for research and education.

GNA embodies a vision and an ambition of a global collaboration of national research and education (R&E) networks from all continents of the world. The vision of the Global Network Architecture says “Globally Connecting Science, Research & Education - Assuring that bandwidth and services in support of research and education between continents is equivalent to that within continents”. The collaboration on the global architecture will also enable R&E Networks to align their spending for intercontinental bandwidth.

GNA is developed in two working groups:

By being part of GNA, Nordic NRENs provide ever-increasing global connectivity to their users at Nordic campuses and research institutions.