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GÉANT Association seeks CEO

GÉANT Association seeks CEO (Chief Executive Officer). The CEO will have responsibility for day-to-day operations and the management of major international collaborations.

GÉANT Association was formed last year following the restructuring of TERENA and DANTE. The organization is a co-operation of the European research and educational networks (NRENs). The organization operates the pan-european GÉANT network.

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NORDUnet at Danish Career Days

NORDUnet will be showcasing our opportunities for students at the upcoming Career Days that will take place in "Gigantium", Aalborg on 3 March , and in "Øksnehallen" Copenhagen on 6 March, respectively. A number of dedicated NORDUnet staff will be available to explain and discuss our offerings and our business in general.

You will find us at booth no. 3 in "Gigantium", and in Øksnehallen we will be at booth no. 36.

To learn more about the Career days you can go to their website.


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GÉANT Association Launch OpenCloudMesh

GÉANT Association has launched the OpenCloudMesh initative, a global cloud service project, allowing operators of private cloud services based on the ownCloud software to interconnect and share cloud storage services.

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FUNET deploys 100Gbps network

Finnish NREN FUNET became the first Nordic network to connect to NORDUnet at 100 Gbps on Monday 19 January 2015.

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NeIC Conference 2015

The second NeIC conference will be hosted by NeIC and CSC - IT Center for Science in Finland from 5-8 May.

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Dorte Olesen appointed member of UN Panel on Technology Bank for Least Developed Countries

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the members of a High-Level UN Panel to advise on the organizational and operational aspects of the proposed Technology Bank and Science, Technology and Innovation Supporting Mechanism dedicated to the least developed countries. One of the appointees is Dorte Olesen, member of the board of directors of the GÉANT Association, former Director General of the Danish IT Centre for Education and Research (UNI-C), and former president of TERENA. 

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GÉANT Association Logo

GÉANT Association Elects 1st Board

On 11 December 2014, the GÉANT Association Assembly met in Zagreb for it's first meeting since forming the GÉANT Association in Berlin in October. As part of the meeting the GÉANT Association elected it's first board of directors.  The Assembly elected a board chair, two external (non-NREN) board members, and six NREN representatives for the board.  Furthermore, in order to have future rotation of board members, these first time board members were elected for one, two, and three year terms, respectively.

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Slovenian recognition for ARNES and R&E networking

The president of the republic of Slovenia today decorated ARNES, the national research and education network (NREN) of Slovenia, with the Order of merit for development and research in the field of introducing new information and communications technologies in Slovenia. 

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ANA-200G connections across the North Atlantic

Advanced North Atlantic 100 Gbit/s Ring for R&E Operational

ANA-200G delivers on its promise

New Orleans, LA, USA – November 17, 2014

Internet2, NORDUnet, CANARIE, and SURFnet, four advanced Research and Education (R&E) Networks from both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean, today announced the completion of a collaborative advanced network, called ANA-200G, that spans the North Atlantic, enabling R&E users to transfer data between North America and Europe at speeds that were previously only possible within the continents. 

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NORDUnet is present at this year's Armada fair at KTH, Stockholm on 18-19 November meeting students on the outlook for exciting potential employers for degree projects, summer jobs, or even a permanent job after finishing their degrees. The Armada fair connects approx. 150 exhibiting companies and organisations with 10,000 students.

The booth will be primarily be manned by staff from the NORDUnet NOC. You can find us here

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