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NORDUnet joins NL-IX

To secure the best possible commodity internet service for the Nordic research and educational networks NORDUnet operates a global IP network infrastructure.

NORDUnet is proud to announce that as part of the continued expansion of its global IP peering infrastructure, NORDUnet is now present at the NL-IX

NORDUnet is currently present at the following Internet eXchange points:

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NORDUnet Completes Major Network Upgrade

NORDUnet today announced the completion of a major upgrade of its European optical network footprint in response to the growing traffic requirements of the Nordic NRENs and the Nordic research and education community.

With a deployment of an 88-channel, 100G optical transport network, NORDUnet interconnects the Nordic NRENs as well as major European transit hubs with a flexible, high-capacity network with OTN capabilities.

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GÉANT extends ESnet trans-Atlantic connectivity with three high-speed links across Europe

The European R&E network backbone GÉANT has made an agreement with the US R&E network ESnet (the US Department of Energy’s Energy Sciences Network) to deliver three 100Gbps networks links across Europe, connecting the ESnet points-of-presence in Geneva, London, and Amsterdam.

Together with new ESnet trans-Atlantic infrastructure, the 100Gbps European links will greatly improve collaboration opportunities between US and European research facilities, thanks to fast connectivity and resilience vital for big data uses.


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TNC2015 Call for Presentations

The Call for Presentations for TNC2015 is open until 28 November 2014. Pleaese see attached document for all details or visit the conference web page


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GÉANT Association

DANTE and TERENA join forces to become the GÉANT Association

TERENA and DANTE have joined forces to become the GÉANT Association. TERENA's activities to support collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing for the benefit of research and education continue in the work of the GÉANT Association. Information about these activities will remain available via this website until a full GÉANT Association website can be created. In the meantime, for a brief overview of the GÉANT Association's work, membership, statutes and contacts, please visit the GÉANT Association website.

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World’s first 100Gbps research network across the Pacific

New Zealand research & education network REANNZ deploys world’s first 100Gbps research network across the Pacific. Distance is being eliminated with a demonstration of the world’s longest distance 100Gbps research network connection, showcasing New Zealand’s future capacity on the Southern Cross cable, at the REANNZ-hosted GLIF 2014 conference in Queenstown.

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Latest Conference News: Digital exams – kill the paper

Students don’t want to wait, they want digital exams right now. Government and universities in the Nordic countries are trying to meet the demand.

In the digital exam session at the NORDUnet Conference, experiences and plans from Norway, Denmark and Iceland were shared.


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NORDUnet Joins Forces with Kaltura to Provide Video Solutions to the Nordic Research and Education Networks

NORDunet will deploy Kaltura’s video platform on-premise in Denmark, to serve as central data centre for the services being provided for the Nordic NREN community.

NORDUnet will host Kaltura’s On-Premise video platform locally in their hosting centres in Denmark, connected directly to the NORDUnet network infrastructure, providing the Nordic NREN community with unrestricted and unlimited network capacity to the service.

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Single-Card Terabit Super-Channel Demonstrated on GÉANT network

The GÉANT research network facilitates innovative new service for network operators.

DANTE, operator of the GÉANT network, and their partner Infinera, announces the successful demonstration of a single card terabit super-channel on an active segment of GÉANT’s production network between Budapest, Hungary and Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

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NORDUnet expands its Open eXchange Point presence introducing NOX-HEL

The concept of an Open Exchange is to ensure carrier-neutral, policy-free exchange of traffic between any connected partner networks, thus ensuring easy, non-discriminatory interchange of communication.

NORDUnet strongly supports the Open Exchange concept. NORDUnet is connected to key open exchange points such as NetherLight (Amsterdam) and MANLAN (New York City), and established its first NORDUnet Open Exchange (NOX) point in London in 2012.

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