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ASREN connects Jordan to global R&E networks

The Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN), has recently connected the Jordanian University Network (JUNet) to the ASREN pop in Amman, Jordan, and onwards to London, providing JUNet connectivity to GÉANT and the global R&E netwoks. The support for JUNet follows an upgrade of the ASREN Amman - London connection from 155Mbps to 1Gbps, made possible with financial support from the EUMEDCONNECT3 project, funded by the European Commission. 

NORDUnet welcomes Jordan back in the globally connected R&E network family.  

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Report from GLIF 2017

The 17th Global Lambda Grid Workshop - also known as the 2017 GLIF meeting - recently took place in Sydney, Australia, hosted by Australian NREN AARNET. The meeting brought together 70 advanced networking experts from around the globe, and debated topics covering expansion of network resources in the Pacific region, networking for major science projects such as the Square Kilometer Array, and current challenges and transformational ideas in networking. 

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MYREN launches 100 Gbps R&E Network

Today Malaysian NREN MYREN is launching a 100 Gbps network. NORDUnet congratulates MYREN with this great achievement. Established in 2005, MYREN is a young NREN but is making great strides. A 100 Gbps R&E network is a major step forward for Malaysia in general, and for the more than 800,000 researchers and students in Malaysia in particular.
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Zoom Virtual Meeting Service for R&E

NORDUnet has launched a new, easy-to-use high-definition virtual meeting service based on Zoom, designed to meet the needs of today’s mobile researchers, students, and educators. The NORDUnet Zoom partnership provides licensing with educational discounts, tied to the use of NORDUnet provided infrastructure to support the Zoom cloud service. By using server infrastructure hosted on-premise by NORDUnet, Nordic R&E users achieve the advantage of high performance combined with benefits of a completely managed solution.  

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Consolidating e-infrastructures

Optimizing end-to-end transmission of rese

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South Core upgraded to 100 G

The Southern part of the NORDUnet network, going to Geneva, has seen a massive upgrade. Connectivity to CERN is now up from 20G to 100G. NORDUnet is collaborating with its long time partners PSNC in Poland and SURFnet in the Netherlands to create a ring from Hamburg via Frankfurt to Geneva, and from Geneva via Amsterdam back to Hamburg. Hamburg connects to Copenhagen, and Amsterdam connects to London.

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GNA - Globally Connecting Science, Research & Education

NORDUnet and Nordic R&E Networks (UNINETT, SUNET, Funet, DeIC, and RHnet), participate in the Global Network Architecture (GNA) initiative. GNA is defining a reference architecture and creating a roadmap for both national and regional research & education networks to more seamlessly support research on an end-to-end basis. Ultimately, this effort will establish a more capable, predictable and resilient next-generation global interconnect for research and education.

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InAcademia 2.0 released

The GÉANT project (GN4-2) has released version 2.0 of the InAcademia service

The InAcademia service is currently in pilot. The service offer websites and internet services a simple way to determine if a visitor belong to an Academic institution (student, staff, faculty). Based on this information, websites may nesure that services are only offered to the intende audience, or offer discounts, special offers, etc..

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Lightning Talks at NTW2017

Amidst a fully booked programme at the upcoming NTW2017 that takes place from 12-14 September at Radisson Park Inn, Kastrup there is still room for more Lightning Talks.  Feel free to send your proposal to Susanne Michelsen as soon as possible. Submission deadline for proposals is 7 September 2017.  

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