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More Nordic talks at TNC17

Four Norwegian speakers contributed with their insights on the second day of TNC17.

In his Lightning Talk, Fredrik Strupe from Norwegian UNINETT made a case for cheap and fairly easy monitoring of  Wifi solutions. As more and more people rely on wifi for internet connectivity there is an increasing need for detection of wifi-related issues.

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Nordic active participation at TNC17

NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs have had an active opening of the TNC 2017 conference in Linz. Tuesday morning saw Nordic engagement in the  "In-the-Field-blog" BoF discussing  content, impact and possible improvements. Learn more about In-the-Field.

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Nordic Booth up and running at TNC17

Welcome to the Nordic Booth at TNC17.

We are ready to meet visitors from both the Nordics and around the globe to talk about the specific Nordic way of collaborating, and any other intersting topics that are at the top of your agendas right now.

You can experience, video footage and general presentations from the five Nordic NRENs. We're also happy to present all the new Nordic networks and the latest additions to the global NORDUnet footprint.

The booth is right in front of the plenary room round the corner from the registration desk.

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Nordic Booth and meeting place at TNC17

Come meet the Nordic NRENs at the designated Nordic booth which you will find just in front of the plenary room A.  Get the lastest updates on the Nordic networks from DeIC (Denmark), Funet (Finland), RHnet (Iceland), SUNET (Sweden), and UNINETT (Norway), including the NORDUnet global network infrastructure.  Learn about the services, offerings, and ventures of the NRENs.

In line with previuos years the booth will also serve as a general meeting point where you can get in touch with Nordic speakers and peers.




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Nordic speakers and events at TNC2017

In line with tradition the Nordics appear in the TNC programme. One of the keynotes will be delivered by associate professor in Interaction Technologies at Aarhus University, Denmark, Martin Brynskov. Brynskov is a Smart City and Internet of Things expert, among other things coordinating the European IoT Smart City Large Scale Pilot "SynchroniCity", and the IoT Smart City Experimentation-as-a-Service facility "OrganiCity".

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In The Field newsletter focusing on Disaster Management

The international blog In The Field showcases stories about people and projects using research & education networks. The latest issue of the In The Field newsletter focuses on Disaster Management with stories from India, the US, Nepal, Tajikistan, the Philippines, and Kyrgyzstan.

See more here and subscribe to the monthly newsletter here.

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Interview with NORDUnet CEO René Buch in Primeur Magazine

The leading international HPC magazine Primeur has published an interview with NORDUnet CEO René Buch about the Global Network Architecture initiative (GNA). The in-depth interview covers the overall purpose of GNA together with the latest development of the collaboration: raising connectivity across the North Atlantic to 740 Gbit/s:

Read the interview here

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North Atlantic Network Collaboration Building Foundation for Global Network Architecture

- Bandwidth for transatlantic research and education now at record-breaking 740 Gbit/s

- Seven-party strong collaboration is first step toward Global Network Architecture for research and education

April, 2017

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NKN of India and NORDUnet set up direct peering

The National Knowledge Network of India connects over 1,600 research & education institutions in its home country. Concurrently, with strengthening its national footprint, NKN focuses on improving international connectivity, providing Indian researchers and students with access to the global research & education community. NKN and NORDUnet have now set up a direct peering with each other to improve the connectivity for all users of both networks.

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NORDUnet expands network footprint

NORDUnet's global network has been expanded with stronger connections across the North Atlantic reflecting the capacity build-up in the Advanced North Atlantic collaboration, now comprising seven partners and a capacity of 740 Gbit/s.

Also, we’re preparing new connections across US and Canada. And the first direct NORDUnet connection to Asia is on its way: A dedicated line to the Karolinska research hub in Hong Kong. Last not least we’re preparing a new connection across the Baltic Sea from Helsinki to Hamburg. 

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